Murex HBsAg ELISA Kit - Rapid & Precise Hepatitis B Detection Solution

Short description

The Murex HBsAg ELISA Kit offers utmost precision in diagnosing Hepatitis B by detecting the surface antigen in human serum or plasma. It provides 100% sensitivity and 99% specificity, ensuring accurate results.

  • Composition: 96 test-ready kit featuring coated wells, controls, conjugate, and wash fluid.
  • Accessories: Sample diluent and substrate diluent included for maximum efficiency.
  • Shelf Life: Durable with a lifespan of 12 months.
  • User guidance: Best results when used by trained personnel in appropriate conditions. Some additional equipment may be required.
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Murex HBsAg ELISA Kit for Precise Hepatitis B Detection

The Murex HBsAg Version 3 ELISA Kit is an optimal method demonstrating exceptional accuracy, speed, and reliability for Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) detection in human serum or plasma samples. With an unparalleled sensitivity of 100% and high specificity of 99%, the kit ensures quality results in as short as two hours.

Detailed Technical Specifications

  • Technique: State-of-the-art Enzyme Immunoassay Technology
  • Format: User-friendly Microtitre Plate of 96 Tests
  • Sample Types: Extensive Compatibility with Serum or Plasma
  • Sample Volume: A minimum of 75u00b5l is required
  • Sensitivity: Exceptional Sensitivity of 100%
  • Specificity: Reliable Specificity of 99.0%
  • Test Duration: Rapid Results in 2 Hours

Contents of the Kit

  • One Plate comprised of 96 Microwells
  • One transportation-friendly 16ml bottle of Sample Diluent
  • One compact bottle, 2.5 ml of Negative Control
  • One easily-stored 2ml bottle of Positive Control
  • One securely-sealed 6ml bottle for Conjugate
  • One 125ml bottle of Wash Fluid for system cleaning
  • Comprehensive test procedure instructions

Storage and Handling Guidelines

For ideal performance, store the kit in a cool, low-humidity environment maintained between 2 - 8u00b0C, away from direct sunlight. Utilize within the 12-month shelf life from the manufacturing date to ensure optimum results.

Safety Measures to Adhere

Though Murex HBsAg ELISA Kit doesn't pose environmental hazards, institute appropriate caution and follow standard safety protocols when handling its contents.

Testing Instructions

  • Allow kit components to reach room temperature prior to testing
  • Follow the manufacturers' instructions meticulously for precise results
  • Avoid cross-contamination of reagents
  • Tests should be carried out by trained personnel in a controlled laboratory setting
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