Triowin's Multistage Scale Fermentation Equipment: The Solution You Need for Comprehensive Industrial Processes

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The Triowin Multistage Scale Fermentation Equipment is an advanced and reliable tool designed for diverse fields like food, biotechnology, and chemicals. Crafted to cater for various volumes of whole-plant fermentation projects, it offers high performance and superior hygiene. Its optimized fermentation process is achieved through state-of-the-art temperature, pH, and DO control.

  • Volume: Multi-stage, ranging from 50L to 300T
  • Material: Superior quality SUS304/316L stainless steel
  • Heat Management: Efficient outer jacket and inner tube combo
  • Interface: Comprises of pH, DO, temperature
  • Special Features: Leak-proof, secure sterilization, and compact design
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Triowin's Multistage Scale Fermentation Equipment: A Revolution in Various Industries

Our Multistage Scale Fermentation Equipment, splendidly crafted by Triowin, engrosses diverse industrial sectors like medicine, biotechnology, food, and chemical production with its versatility and ingenious design. This system, implemented with groundbreaking fermentation technology, proffers extensive solutions for comprehensive fermentation projects. Made with remarkable quality materials, the product excels in meeting strict standards of hygiene and performance. Its complex control system ensures precise regulation of temperature, pH, and DO, thus optimizing the fermentation process.

Outstanding Features:

  • Versatile volume options from 50L to 300T for multi-stage fermentation tanks
  • SUS304/316L stainless steel design with mirror finish inside, ensuring hygienic and smooth processing
  • Multiple heating and cooling methods utilizing external jacket or outer half tube with inner tube
  • Comprehensive controls for pH, DO, temperature, inoculation, defoaming, acid and alkali supplementation, feeding, pressure, and audition for complete fermentation process management
  • Varied paddle forms for diverse processing requirements including defoaming pulp, flat leaf, oblique leaf, curved leaf, and turbine types

Sophisticated Control System:

  • Precise temperature control utilizing PID digital control and special PLC automatic control program, with the interface of brand touch screen
  • Remote computer real-time monitoring and dedicated fermentation software
  • Automatic foam management with an alarm and control system

Unrivalled Features:

  • In-situ sterilization for a safe and reliable fermentation process
  • Eliminates conventional risks of leakage
  • Reliable inoculation methodology ensures optimum production
  • Structural integrated design for optimal space utilization and aesthetic appeal

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