Advanced Humidity Monitor for Safe and Efficient Transport and Storage

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Highly Accurate Humidity Monitoring Tool for Storage and Transport

Experience impeccable tracking of humidity exposure with the Monitor, Humidity, Passive/Cumulative – a reputable tool designed for transport and storage contexts. Product features:

  • Indicators for current and peak humidity
  • Distinctive and permanent color shifts signifying rising humidity levels
  • Constructed without cobalt, ensuring a greener, safer product
  • Offered as a card with scope from 0 to 80%. Dimensions: Approximately 5x10cm
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Enhance Safety and Efficiency with Our Reliable Humidity Monitoring Tool for Transport and Storage

Ensure maximum protection of your goods from damaging humidity with our state-of-the-art Humidity Monitoring Tool. This advanced, passive and cumulative device is specifically crafted to accurately gauge humidity exposure during transportation and storage periods. With our humidity monitor, you never have to worry about detective damages due to moisture exposure.

Accurate and Reliable

Our humidity monitor accurately indicates relative humidity levels ranging from 0 to 80%. This highly precise tool features an approximate accuracy of +/- 5%, giving you the confidence to protect your goods from environmental hazards throughout the transportation and storage journey.

Cobalt-Free and Environmentally Friendly

Offering a green solution for your business needs, our humidity monitor is completely cobalt-free. This ensures safety for users and decreases the environmental impact, promising a sustainable future.

Visual Indication and Compact Design

The monitor's unique color-changing aspect provides a visual representation of increasing humidity. Furthermore, changes are irreversible, guaranteeing accurate data recording. The monitor's compact design, being only about 5x10cm in size, allows easy usage and placement in any environment during storage or transport.

Individually Packed with Desiccant

To maintain the integrity of the monitor before usage, each is individually packed with a desiccant. This assures optimal performance of the humidity monitoring tool right from the start.

Durable and Versatile

High-quality format card! Our humidity monitor is designed to withstand different environments. This makes it ideal for use with a wide variety of items, including electronics, clothing, and food products.

Packaging and Shipping

Each 'Monitor, Humidity, Passive/Cumulative, Box/100' consists of 100 individually packed humidity monitors, each with a single-use desiccant. The estimated weight of a single box being around 1kg, and volume being approximately 0.001m3, this allows easy storage and cost-effective shipping.

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