Advanced Mission Lenti microRNA Inhibitor - Premier Tool for microRNA Regulation

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Advanced Mission Lenti microRNA Inhibitor

An efficient tool for microRNA regulation, our advanced Mission Lenti microRNA Inhibitor specifically targets Human hsa-miR-3661 with its precise Tough Decoy (TuD) technology. Part of the validated MISSIONÆÆ line, this product is designed for microRNA research excellence. Details include:

  • Product Name: Advanced Mission Lenti microRNA Inhibitor.
  • Product Code: -HLTUD1296.
  • Intrinsic Support: Each purchase ensures access to crucial resources like MSDS, technical documents, peer-reviewed research papers, and alternative product options.

Unleash the power of highly targeted microRNA inhibition for your research with this leading-edge tool.

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Advanced Mission Lenti microRNA Inhibitor - A Premier Tool for microRNA Regulation

The Advanced Mission Lenti microRNA Inhibitor, specifically designed to target human hsa-miR-3661, is a leading-edge tool in the arena of microRNA research. This product captivates the interest of experts engaged with miR-3661 in human cells due to its consistent ability to inhibit the functionality of hsa-miR-3661 microRNA.

Embedded with the state-of-the-art Tough Decoy technology, our Lenti microRNA Inhibitor showcases an RNA molecule specifically synthesized to bind and seclude the target microRNA from interacting with its corresponding mRNA. As a result, it provides sturdy interference enabling comprehensive exploration of miR-3661 impacts on gene expression and varying cellular functions.

  • Integrates innovative Tough Decoy design for an efficient inhibition system.
  • Significantly aids in understanding the gene regulation and cellular processes influenced by hsa-miR-3661.
  • Versatile compatibility with diverse cell types, making it adaptable for diverse biological systems.
  • Includes a combination of fluorescent and selectable markers to offer efficient detection of transfection.
  • Uses a potent lentivirus vector that ensures robust expression.

The Advanced Mission Lenti microRNA Inhibitor stands as a trusted tool, effectively using a powerful decoy to inhibit hsa-miR-3661 microRNA activity. Utilization of this dynamic tool can shed light on the function of hsa-miR-3661 in cellular proliferation, apoptosis, immune response, among others. It possesses the potential to unmask the regulatory networks that hsa-miR-3661 participates in, and the pathways it modulates. Paired with selectable or fluorescent markers for swift transfection detection, our Tough Decoys are the solution for top-tier miRNA studies.

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