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Micronutrient Film Coated Tablets for Pregnancy and BLIS-30 offer comprehensive nutrition for expectant and nursing mothers. Harnessing the potency of the UNIMMAP formula, our tablets ensure sustained delivery of critical nutrients like Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, Folic Acid, Elemental Iron, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, and Iodine. Crux features:

  • Formulation in line with the efficacious UNIMMAP recommendation
  • Daily supplementation facilitated by a 30-tablet pack
  • Wide spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals, augmenting maternal health
  • Professional endorsement and recommended usage
  • 24-month shelf life, requiring storage in a cool, dry space
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Micronutrient Film Coated Tablets for Pregnancy and BLIS-30 - Comprehensive Nutrition for Mothers-To-Be

Our Micronutrient Film Coated Tablets for Pregnancy and BLIS-30 are meticulously designed nutrition supplements aimed to satisfy the unique nutritional needs of expectant and lactating women. Conforming to rigorous international health standards, these tablets are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, offering comprehensive support for mothers-to-be and their growing babies.

Supporting Maternal Health

Our maternal support solution packs an array of vital vitamins like A, E, D, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and Vitamin C. These, coupled with Folic Acid and Elemental Iron, aid in the overall health and well-being of mothers as well as aiding in fetus development. The inclusion of Selenium and Iodine strengthens the immune system and supports hormonal balance, thereby ensuring speedy recovery and good health in the postnatal period.

Enhancing Fetal Development

Our film-coated tablets supply essential micronutrients like Zinc and Copper that have a crucial role in promoting proper growth and development of the fetus. These elements aid in boosting immunity as well as improving neural and cognitive development in the baby.

Safety and Compliance

All our supplements are crafted in compliance with scientific measures in mcg, mg, IU, RAE, DFE, and NE, guaranteeing you the right amounts of each micronutrient. Our aim is to ensure safety, efficacy, and the overall well-being of mothers and their future children. Personally test every batch to ensure potency, purity, and consistency - product after product.

Practical and User-Friendly

  • Convenient Packaging: Our tablets come in packs of 30, making for an easy month's supply of essential micronutrients.
  • Usage: Healthcare professionals recommend these tablets. Their effectivenesS is maintained best when not repacked.
  • Storage: Their integrity is preserved best when stored in a cool, dry place, out of children's reach. Optimal storage temperature is 15 to 25 degrees C.
  • Longevity: The tablets come with a guaranteed shelf life of 24 months, ensuring prolonged efficacy of the micronutrients.

Embrace good health and ensure the best for you and your baby with our Micronutrient Film Coated Tablets for Pregnancy and BLIS-30.

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