High Purity Methanol 99% - Premium Grade Solvent for Scientific & Healthcare Application

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Product: ‘High Purity Methanol 99%’ is an optimal grade solvent essential for scientific and professional applications. With a chemical formula of CH3OH, it performs optimally as a solvent and reagent and is also used for bio-sample preparation. The product boasts a high shelf life of 36 months, and is safely packed in a 1L bottle for efficient storage. It is classified under Danger Class 3 and abides by UN number 1230 and Packing Group II regulations

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Exceptional Quality High Purity Methanol 99%

Presenting our top-tier High Purity Methanol, boasting an impressive purity of 99% encapsulated smartly for ultimate functionality. Exhibiting an exceptional chemical specificity of CH3OH, this premium grade solvent stands testament to meticulous standards of quality, thereby providing critical solutions across healthcare, biosciences, and academia.

Product Attributes:

  • Distinguished chemical formula CH3OH highlighting its exceptional purity.
  • Exhibits a CP grade asserting superior solvent quality.
  • Maintaining smooth fluidic nature which reassures the level of product purity.
  • Artfully cased in a 1L bottle to ease handling and usage.
  • Ensures a premium shelf life of around 36 months, when appropriately stored between 15-25°C.

Our High Purity Methanol finds versatile applications in biochemical research, clinical analyses, and other intricate scientific procedures. However, it is intended for use by adequately trained personnel, ensuring effortless manipulation.

Shipping and Delivery:

  • Product comprises of one 1L bottle of High Purity Methanol 99%
  • Labeling with UN number 1230, indicating that the product is Methanol and holds the danger class of 3 and 6.1.
  • Packaging conforming to Packing Group Level II standards to facilitate secure and eco-friendly delivery.

The product weighs around 1.2 kg and occupies approximately 0.0017 cubic meters. Elevate your research operations and transform healthcare practices with our advanced High Purity Methanol.

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