Top-Quality 10cm x 5m Medical Adhesive Tape - Essential for Comprehensive Medical Kits

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Top-Quality 10cm x 5m Medical Adhesive Tape – Perforated Roll

  • Maximized Comfort: Engineered for utmost patient comfort during application.
  • Resilient: Ensures consistent support and resistance to water, even in humid conditions.
  • User-friendly: Enables effortless, manual tear and removal without causing any discomfort or damage.
  • Ample Size: With dimensions of 10cm width and 5m length, it offers widespread coverage.
  • Highly Versatile: The non-sterile, single-use tape is suitable for multiple medical applications.

This top-tier 10cm x 5m Medical Adhesive Tape perfects the art of securing wound dressings, IV tubes, and other crucial medical equipment. It delivers a blend of comfort, efficiency, and ease, making it the prime choice for healthcare establishments, emergency kits, and personal use.

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Unparalleled 10cm x 5m Medical Adhesive Tape - Perforated Roll, an Essential Medical Staple

Introducing our top-quality Medical Adhesive Tape, measuring an ample 10cm by 5m per perforated roll, explicitly designed to fulfill the highest medical standards. Expertly crafted to secure wound dressings, IV placements, and medical tubing, this tape is an essential component of any comprehensive medical kit.

Remarkable Features for Exceptional Use

  • Made with high skin tolerance in mind, this adhesive tape ensures maximum safety and comfort upon application and during use, making it suitable for prolonged use on various skin types.
  • Thanks to its non-stretchable, water-resistant features, this medical tape ensures maximum functionality and durability under a wide array of conditions.
  • It provides a user-friendly experience as it can be easily torn by hand and removed without causing damage to the skin.
  • Available in either white or flesh tone, this medical tape suits various skin tones and aesthetic preferences, ensuring an unobtrusive application.
  • Constructed from woven acetate taffeta combined with a robust adhesive blend of rubber, resins, and lanolin, this medical adhesive tape is a paragon of efficiency and quality.
  • Optimum coverage is guaranteed, with a generous dimension of 10cm width and 5m length. The designation for single-use ensures maximum hygiene and prevents cross-contamination.

Detailed Packaging and Stringent Storage Guidelines

Each roll of our quality medical adhesive tape is individually packed in a clear plastic bag with comprehensive labeling, covering manufacturer details, product information, batch number, expiry date, and critical storage instructions. To ensure optimal maintenance, it is recommended to store under dry conditions.

Safety Measures and Intrinsic Components

Our Medical Adhesive Tape is designed for single-use to maintain superior hygiene standards. It should be discarded by incineration in a controlled environment. It is a crucial component of First Aid Kit A and Obstetric and Surgical Kit, Suppl. 3 - Renewable, embodying its wide-ranging application across different medical scenarios.

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