McCoy's 5A Medium Modified - Enhanced Cell Culture Medium

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This McCoy’s 5A Medium Modified is a versatile product suitable for mammalian cell culture. It is specifically formulated for the primary culture of cells from various tissues, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. The modification of amino acids in this medium was initially developed to support liver tumor cells, ensuring its effectiveness and reliability. With its liquid form and sterile filtration, it provides a convenient and contamination-free solution for cell culture. This product is modified, containing sodium bicarbonate but without L-glutamine. It serves as a 5A basal medium to support cell growth and maintenance.

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McCoy's 5A Medium Modified

  • Sodium bicarbonate: This medium contains sodium bicarbonate, which helps to maintain the pH levels in cell culture, providing optimal conditions for cell growth and proliferation.
  • Without L-glutamine: L-glutamine is intentionally excluded from the formulation, allowing researchers to customize and supplement the medium with their desired concentration of this essential amino acid.
  • Liquid: McCoy's 5A Medium Modified is supplied in a liquid form, ensuring ease of use and convenient storage.
  • Sterile-filtered: The medium is sterilized through a filtration process to eliminate any potential contamination, ensuring a sterile and safe environment for cell culture studies.

Suitable for mammalian cell culture: McCoy's 5A Medium Modified is specially designed for the cultivation of various types of mammalian cells, providing an optimal environment for their growth, proliferation, and maintenance.

Used for the primary culture of cells from a wide range of tissues: This medium serves as a versatile tool for primary cell culture, allowing researchers to establish and maintain cultures of cells derived from different tissues, including liver tumor cells.

Originally developed to support liver tumor cells by modification of the amino acid: McCoy's 5A Medium Modified was originally formulated to meet the specific requirements of liver tumor cells, offering a modified amino acid composition that supports their growth and study.

M8403, McCoy's 5A Medium

  • Modified: This variant of McCoy's 5A Medium is further modified to meet the specific needs of researchers working with liver tumor cells, providing an optimized composition for their growth and maintenance.
  • With sodium bicarbonate: Sodium bicarbonate is included in the formulation to aid in pH regulation, ensuring an optimal environment for the growth of liver tumor cells.
  • Without L-glutamine: L-glutamine is intentionally omitted from the formula, allowing researchers to control and customize the concentration of this essential amino acid according to their experimental requirements.
  • Liquid: McCoy's 5A Medium Modified is supplied in liquid form, enabling convenient and easy handling during experiments.
  • Sterile-filtered: The medium undergoes a thorough sterile filtration process, ensuring its purity and freedom from potential contaminants, providing a safe and controlled environment for cell culture experiments.

Suitable for cell culture: This variant of McCoy's 5A Medium Modified is specifically optimized for general cell culture applications, making it suitable for a wide range of cell lines and experimental studies, beyond the original focus on liver tumor cells.

5A basal medium: McCoy's 5A Medium Modified serves as a versatile basal medium for various cell culture experiments, providing the essential nutrients and components required for cell growth and maintenance.

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