Premium Quality Glycine HCL - Effective Dietary Supplement and Pharmaceutical Additive

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Glycine HCL Manufacturers: Premium Suppliers of Glycine Hydrochloride

Glycine Hydrochloride, also known as Glycine HCL, is an amino acid compound with a chemical formula of C2H5NO2.HCl and a CAS number of 6000-43-7. Prominent for its white crystalline structure and high purity of a minimum 98.5%, this raw material is significantly utilized within the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Our marketplace offers:

  • Premium Quality: Glycine HCL from highly-trusted manufacturers who meet uncompromising quality standards.
  • Versatility: Extensive applications in diverse verticals due to its high purity index.
  • Consistency: A dependable source of Glycine HCL, ensuring regular supply and trusted quality.
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Glycine Hydrochloride, known scientifically as amino acetic acid hydrochloride, is a potent and trusted product in both the food and pharmaceutical industries. It carries the CAS number 6000-43-7 and has the molecular formula C2H5NO2HCL. With its origins in China, the compound featured here is pure, versatile, and high-quality, making it a reliable choice across various applications.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Glycine HCL boasts a minimum purity of 98.5%, reflecting its high quality and superior formulation.
  • This compound has a white crystalline form, facilitating ease of use and uncomplicated handling.
  • It plays an indispensable role as a flavoring agent, nutrition enhancer, and sweetener, particularly within the food industry.
  • It comes in two quality grades: food grade and pharmaceutical grade, broadening its applicability and user base.
  • Packaging is in 25kg bags, aiding in efficient transportation, storage, and delivery within 10-15 days post ordering.

Quality Assurance

Glycine HCL meets stringent quality standards to ensure that your company receives only the most dependable products. The assay value for this compound is sustained within the range of 98.5~101.5%, and the pH value (when dissolved in water) sits between 1.0~2.0. Further, levels of arsenic and heavy metals are restricted to 3ppm and 20ppm respectively. The product's residue on ignition is kept under 0.1% guaranteeing a clean and uncontaminated product, and the chloride level is regulated between 30.0% and 32.0%.

Employing Glycine HCL in your applications, you can rely on its consistent quality, purity, and effectiveness. Whether being used as a sweetener, a flavoring agent, or a nutrition enhancer, this white crystalline powder compound offers superior benefits and ensures unswerving quality control in your food industry applications.

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