Mains Ref. Vestfrost MK304 E003/007 - Superior Vaccine Refrigerator | Unparalleled Vaccine Storage Solution

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Introducing the Mains Ref. Vestfrost MK304 E003/007, a tailor-made solution for effective vaccine storage. It provides remarkable features:

  • Storage Capacity: Large 105 litre net vaccine storage volume.
  • Temperature Range: Optimal operation from 5°C to 43°C
  • Refrigerant: Uses R134a refrigerant known for its minimal environmental impact.
  • Additional Features:
    • An electronic temperature logger allowing 30-day continuous monitoring.
    • A standalone voltage regulator for consistent performance.
    • A lockable lid and seven baskets offered for secure and organized storage.
  • Warranty: A two-year replacement warranty demonstrating commitment to quality.
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Mains Ref. Vestfrost MK304 E003/007 - Trustworthy Storage for Precious Vaccines

Proudly introducing the Mains Ref. Vestfrost MK304 E003/007 - an epitome of reliability and efficiency engineered to meet your vaccine storage needs. Thoughtfully designed with a robust construction, this ice-lined refrigerator delivers an unmatched cooling performance with its spacious 105L storage capacity, thus conserving the potency and effectiveness of your vaccines.

Exceptional Features

  • Adaptable Power Options: Operates on a wide variety of power supply configurations - 220-240V 50/60Hz or 100-127V 50/60Hz, promoting operational flexibility and easing power-related concerns.
  • Sustainable and High-Performance: Employs eco-friendly R134a refrigerant, marking a commitment towards protecting the environment while ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Optimal Vaccine Storage: Offers a flexible storage capacity ranging from 90 to 120L, optimizing vaccine conservation.
  • Top-Notch Monitoring System: Incorporates a sophisticated 30-day electronic temperature tracker offering rigorous and exact vaccine storage management.
  • Consistent Performance: The voltage regulator model SVS04-22 delivers persistent and even performance, offsetting input voltage variations.
  • Secure and Organized Storage: Provides a lockable lid complete with two keys and seven organizing baskets for secure and systematized storage, respectively.
  • Shipping and Assurance: Packed with an approximate shipping weight and volume of 121 kg and 0.94 m³ respectively. The package endorses a gratifying two-year replacement warranty for your peace of mind.

Select the Mains Ref. Vestfrost MK304 E003/007 refrigerator catering to your voltage & frequency prerequisites. Loaded with comprehensive user instructions and vaccine storage advice, it guarantees user convenience. Accessible maintenance tool kits and replaceable parts upon request ensure optimum performance year after year.

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