SureChill GVR75 LITE AC: Exceptional Vaccine Refrigerator for Absolute Safety

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The SureChill GVR75 LITE AC is a high-performance vaccine refrigerator designed for efficient and secure vaccine storage. Key features include:

  • SureChill technology for consistent cooling, regardless of power fluctuations.
  • Operates with a voltage of 220-240V 50/60Hz as well as R600a refrigerant type for optimum performance.
  • Offers a spacious storage volume of 72.5L, ideal for storing a substantial amount of vaccines.
  • Works efficiently within an ambient temperature range of 10-43u00b0C, ensuring your vaccines are always stored at the right conditions.
  • Comes with valuable extras, including temperature monitoring system, voltage stabilizer, power lead, and a lockable lid for guaranteed safety.
  • Provides a 2-year warranty.

This superior product ensures uncompromising safety in vaccine storage, weighing 115 kg during shipping.

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Unveiling the groundbreaking SureChill GVR75 LITE AC - a superior vaccine refrigerator constructed with state-of-the-art technology and designed for utmost safety in preserving vaccines. This advanced unit breaks the norms with assured reliability, providing uncompromised vaccine safety under any power fluctuations or extreme ambient temperatures. It stands as an ideal choice for healthcare institutions globally, ensuring consistent performance and ultimate user convenience.

  • The refrigerator comes with a spacious net storage volume of 72.5 L providing substantial room to store a variety of vaccines, keeping their efficiency intact.
  • It operates on a power requirement of 220-240V and an alternating current frequency range of 50 to 60Hz, making it compatible with the electricity standards of multiple countries.
  • The device further demonstrates its resilience to voltage fluctuations thanks to the integrated voltage regulator that supports a voltage range of 110V to 280V, an essential feature for regions with unstable power supply.
  • The usage of R600a refrigerant boosts its operational efficiency whilst reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable refrigeration.
  • Designed for versatility, it functions smoothly under ambient temperatures as low as 10°C and as high up as 43°C, assuring high performance even under extreme conditions.
  • Equipped with Grade A Freeze Protection, this system guarantees ultimate protection against freezing of vaccines, ensuring their effectiveness and viability.
  • The refrigerator is well-provisioned with a multitude of essential accessories namely the 30-day electronic temperature logger for precise temperature readings, an integrated stabilizer to overcome power instabilities, a 3-meter power lead and a lockable lid for added security.
  • Despite its sturdiness, the device is compact with a shipping weight of 115 kg and a volume of 0.861 m³.
  • Enjoy hassle free usage for a long duration with its generous two-year warranty covering any issues related to design, material or workmanship.

More than just a vaccine refrigerator, the SureChill GVR75 LITE AC is a tribute to SureChill's relentless pursuit of innovative refrigeration technology ensuring safe and effective preservation of vaccines. This device represents a smart investment for any healthcare institution aiming for consistent performance, ultimate reliability, and excellent user convenience.

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