Premium Lithium Wire in Mineral Oil for High-Performance Laboratory & Industrial Applications

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High Quality Lithium Wire in Mineral Oil for Laboratory & Industrial Applications

  • High-Quality Material: Contains a lithium wire of 3.2mm diameter submerged in mineral oil. High purity of 99.9% trace metals makes it reliable for extensive use.
  • Expansive Applications: Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications. Useful in diverse sectors including research, manufacturing, and healthcare.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Accompanied by MSDS documentation, peer-reviewed papers, and technical documents up to September 2021. Ensuring its legitimacy and safety for intended use.
  • Unique Identifier: Identified with CAS number 7439-93-2 and product number 220914 for easy search and categorization.
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High-Quality Lithium Wire in Mineral Oil for Diverse Laboratory and Industrial Applications

The High-Quality Lithium Wire in Mineral Oil boasts a refined and controlled manufacturing process design, resulting in a product that is 99.9% trace metals of lithium. Unmatched in both purity and quality, this product reassures its users of reliability, efficacy, and premium performance.

Robust Physical Features:

With a diameter of 3.2mm, the wire form allows effortless handling, easy manipulation, and seamless integration into a range of applications. Its physical characteristics enhance workability, offering users an undemanding and straightforward user experience.

Exceptional Purity:

Comprising 99.9% trace metals, the quality and purity of this lithium wire are guaranteed. Users can conduct their operations with confidence, assured of this product's premium grade and high-performance output.

Versatile Utilization:

Our lithium wire in mineral oil is famed for its versatility and flexibility, making it an ideal solution for varied applications:

  • Organic and inorganic reactions in chemical transformations.
  • Essential component in lithium-ion battery technologies.
  • Crucial integrating element in the production of lightweight alloys in the metallurgy industry.
  • Effective in the synthesis of catalysts for diverse chemical reactions.
  • A reliable tool in scientific research and development, fundamental in investigations studying lithium and its properties.

Handling and Storage

It is imperative to handle and store the product appropriately to ensure its longevity and efficacy. Adhering strictly to safety measures, wearing necessary personal protective equipment, and safe storage in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight will maintain product quality. Minimal exposure to air and moisture is paramount as it may result in product oxidation.

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