Single Cubicle Latrine Superstructure Kit: Optimal Sanitary Solution

SKU: PN-GC-016
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Presenting the Durable & Easy-to-Assemble Single Cubicle Latrine Superstructure Kit: a comprehensive sanitary solution ideal for emergencies, school campuses, medical centers and more. This kit promotes hygiene and ensures user privacy and comfort.

  • Lockable door and roof for enhanced privacy and safety
  • Comes with a standard squatting plate (120cm x 80cm) providing secure and stable use
  • An adult-friendly design with a minimum entrance height of 2 meters, assures accessibility for a broad user range
  • Features natural ventilation for improved user comfort
  • The durable frame and weather-resistant panels ensure longevity and durability
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The Durable & Easy-to-Assemble Single Cubicle Latrine Superstructure Kit is more than just a bathroom solution. It's a comprehensive system, engineered for convenience, longevity, and easy assembly. Designed for versatile applications in emergency camps, health centers, and schools, this product ensures the highest sanitary and comfort conditions.

  • Featuring a durable and lightweight construction, this kit is designed for remarkable sturdiness without sacrificing portability. Its resistance to varying weather conditions makes it perfect for year-round use in various environments.
  • Assembly is a breeze with our user-friendly design that does not require extra resources or convoluted procedures. The kit comes with detailed step-by-step instructions making installation quick and easy.
  • Privacy is crucial when it comes to sanitary facilities. Our latrine superstructure kit boasts a lockable door and a protective roof that shields against the elements. Natural ventilation ensures a comfortable atmosphere within the cubicle.
  • The adult-height design comes with a minimum entrance height of 2 meters offering a user-friendly experience.
  • Odor management and temperature control are taken care of by the well-ventilated design that prevents unpleasant odor build-up and maintains a comfortable temperature, thereby extending its suitability for long-term use.
  • For enhanced stability, our kit is equipped with hold-down attachments that can withstand severe conditions and ensure consistent performance.

Complement its functionality with our durable plastic squatting plate sized 120cm x 80cm for a holistic restroom solution. For larger needs or challenging ground conditions, check out our Double Cubicle Latrine Superstructure or Raised Latrine Kits. Trust in our Durable & Easy-to-Assemble Single Cubicle Latrine Superstructure Kit to take care of all your sanitary and convenience needs in an efficient, holistic, and user-friendly way.

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