Durable Double Cubicle Latrine Superstructure - Innovative Restroom Solution for Public Amenities

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‘Durable Double Cubicle Latrine Superstructure’ is a comprehensive, easy-to-install restroom solution for public facilities. The superstructure provides safety, privacy, and impeccable hygiene standards.

  • Kit Components: Inclusive of a double superstructure, secure doors, and a protective roof.
  • Ventilation Features: Designed for effective natural ventilation to maintain impeccable hygiene standrads.
  • Technical Specifics: Compatible with standard squatting plates for post-installation stability.
  • Delivery Details: Flat-packed for cost-effectiveness in transportation and efficient setup.
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The Durable Double Cubicle Latrine Superstructure provides an innovative and necessary solution to public sanitization. With robust design and construction, this product offers a versatile, user-friendly answer to the call for public amenities, particularly in shared latrines, healthcare facilities, dining centers, and educational institutions. Its high-quality design and material assure durability, withstanding versatile weather conditions, providing a long-standing and reliable solution to public restroom needs.

Each double cubicle is spaciously engineered to provide adults with comfort and necessary privacy. High walls facilitate complete seclusion, blocking visibility from the outside, while the specially designed roof prevents water collection, ensuring weather resistance. Efficient ventilation is achieved through strategically placed air gaps between the walls and roof, maintaining a hygienic and refreshing atmosphere within.

Privacy and safety are paramount in the design, with each cubicle featuring a lockable front door and an ingenious door design resistant to obstruction, ensuring easy exits in case of emergencies. To enhance the stability and safety of the product, ground ties are provided for secure anchoring of the cubicles. Moreover, universal tabs facilitate easy attachment to conventional latrine slabs, making installation a breeze.

Our Durable Double Cubicle Latrine Superstructure offers design versatility by allowing multiple units to be assembled side by side, making it adaptable for various location needs. The package comes in a flat-pack design, ensuring hassle-free transportation and cost-effective logistics. Please note, the squatting plate with Part Number: S5007335 is not included in the package, but can be purchased separately.

Also available for customization is the Latrine Superstructure Single Cubicle (Part Number: S0005844) designed for individual use or a Raised Latrine Kit (Part Number: S0005842) for hard or wet ground conditions. This imparts flexibility in accommodating diverse customer needs, reinforcing the product's utility and innovativeness in public sanitation solutions.

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