Universal Access Latrine Add-On: A Major Advancement in Public Sanitation and Accessibility

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Universal Access Latrine Add-On: Boosting Public Sanitation and Accessibility

Enhance public sanitation with the Universal Access Latrine Add-On, perfect for communal areas, healthcare establishments, and educational institutions. With easy assembly, this durable add-on offers compatibility with standard 120cm x 80cm squatting plates and ensures accessibility for all, including children and individuals with disabilities.

  • Universal Compatibility: Fits standard 120cm x 80cm latrine plates.
  • Improved Accessibility: Designed for a wide range of users including physically challenged individuals.
  • Hygiene Focus: Minimizes unpleasant odors and unwanted insects.
  • Durable Structure: Resistant against everyday cleaning agents, heat, and water exposure.
  • Simple Installation: Accompanied by an easy-to-follow guide and necessary tools for assembly.
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Universal Access Latrine Add-On: Revolutionizing Public Sanitation and Accessibility

Our Universal Access Latrine Add-On kit is a game-changing solution aimed for global healthcare and sanitation enhancement. Engineered to improve accessibility for every individual, including children and those facing mobility constraints, this latrine add-on showcases compatibility with standard 120cm x 80cm squatting plates. It finds an excellent application in varied settings like communal regions, health centers, and educational institutions.

Unparalleled Features and Advantages:

  • Inclusive Design: Our latrine add-on exhibits a universal design, crafted intricately to ensure easier accessibility for a wide array of users, including those struggling with mobility issues.
  • Durable Build: Amidst frequent usage, our product promises high durability as it withstands heat, water, and cleaning agents. Besides, it’s lightweight, yet robust and sturdy, offering ample support to users during transit.
  • Hygienic Solution: Our latrine add-on signifies a sanitary solution, ensuring the minimal presence of unpleasant odors and insects. It promotes a more hygienic environment, leading to improved health conditions.
  • Hassle-free Assembly: Our product comes with simple assembly instructions and essential tools, ensuring an effortless set-up.

Please note that the squatting plate isn't included in the kit and needs to be purchased separately.

Price Range:

Our Universal Access Latrine Add-On kit costs USD 90 - 265.

Invest in our pioneering Universal Access Latrine Add-On kit and contribute to creating accessible and hygienic facilities for every individual. Embark on the journey of inclusive health and hygiene today!

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