High-Quality Self-Adhesive Labels - Efficient Organization Made Easy

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Product: High-quality Self-Adhesive Labels – Set of 300 for Efficient and Easy Organization

  • Application: Highly versatile, designed for industries dealing with raw materials, chemicals, and drugs, writable with either pen or marker.
  • Durability: Confidently durable, these labels are crafted from robust paper material, featuring a secure self-adhesive backing for consistent performance.
  • Measurements: Ideally sized at 4.2×9.6cm to allow clear notations, ensuring efficient organization and tracking.
  • Value Pack: With a set of 300 labels, it guarantees a considerable supply for continued use.
  • Purchasing Process: Ordering is effortless with a secure checkout process and a dedicated customer support team available for any inquiries.
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Organize Efficiently with High-Quality Self-Adhesive Labels
Instantly improve your organization capabilities with our premium pack of 300 Self-Adhesive Labels. These labels stand for versatility and efficiency, finding wide usage in offices, homes, and laboratories.

Superior Quality for Reliable Performance
Our Self-Adhesive Labels are produced from robust, long-lasting paper. Whether you prefer marking with a ballpoint pen or a marker, these labels guarantee crystal-clear, legible inscriptions. The sizable 4.2x9.6cm dimensions provide ample writing surface, ensuring all necessary information fits comfortably.

Experience Unrivalled Convenience
Designed with user convenience at its core, our self-adhesive labels stick easily to varied surfaces without the need for extra glue. The flip side of the usual labeling hassle is effortless application, promoting smooth and efficient use. Plus, a set of 300 labels effortlessly handles bulk labeling tasks.

Broad-Spectrum Applications
Where versatility meets utility, our universally designed self-adhesive labels find multiple applications. Be it identifying food containers, organizing document folders, marking lab samples or categorizing office shelves, they help streamline productivity and efficiency.

Packaging & Shipping Details
Each package includes 300 self-adhesive labels of 4.2x9.6 cm dimensions. Lightweight (0.5 kg) and compact in volume (0.0003 m3), these labels facilitate simple and cost-efficient transport logistics.

  • 300-piece label set for handling bulk labeling requirements
  • Superb quality for clear and readable inscriptions
  • Quick and easy application, adhering to multiple surfaces
  • Offers versatile usage in office, home, and laboratory settings
  • Optimal size (4.2x9.6cm) to accommodate varying lengths of information
  • Weight and volume designed for cost-effective transportation
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