Versatile and Durable Self-Adhesive Labels- 200 set, 5x10cm

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Self-Adhesive Labels, Set of 200, 5x10cm – Versatile, Durable and Convenient Labeling Solution

A pack of 200 high-quality Self-Adhesive Labels crafted from durable paper material, offering excellent performance and versatility.

  • Featuring a writeable surface that is compatible with both pens and markers, suitable for diverse applications.
  • Each label measures 5x10cm, providing ample space for a variety of uses.
  • Equipped with a strong self-adhesive backing that is easy to apply and adheres reliably to a wide range of surfaces.
  • Please adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines when disposing of these labels.
  • Product Dimensions: An estimated weight of 0.134kg and volume of 0.0001m3 make these labels an essential stationery item for any setting.
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Self-Adhesive Labels, Set of 200, 5x10cm - Your Ultimate Labeling Solution

Upgrade your labeling needs with the innovative Self-Adhesive Labels, Set of 200, 5x10cm. Developed for versatility in a wide range of applications, these labels offer you an optimal solution for all your annotating needs.

Key Features

  • These labels are writable with both pen and marker, offering the flexibility to make necessary markings as per your needs.
  • Made from a sturdy quality paper material, these labels guarantee longevity in usage.
  • Implementation is made easy with the self-adhesive attribute, saving considerable time and effort.
  • Each label measures approximately 5x10cm, offering ample writing space without occupying too much room.
  • The pack includes 200 labels, offering excellent value for money.

These labels are versatile and can function effectively in a variety of situations, ranging from basic office work to more complex lab applications. They are highly recommended for use in a variety of lab services, from the most basic to more specialized reference labs.

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for effective use and waste disposal to ensure environmental friendliness.

Product Specifications

  • Packaged as a single unit of 200 self-adhesive labels.
  • Dimensions and weight of the product: 0.134kg & 0.0001m3
  • Storage and transport are effortless.
  • Competently serves businesses of all sizes.

Experience the ultimate value and convenience of our Self-Adhesive Labels, Set of 200, 5x10cm. Upgrade your labeling solution today.

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