JYWQ Automatic Mix Sewage Pump: Industrial Waste Management Solution

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JYWQ Automatic Mix Sewage Pump: An Efficient, Anti-Clog Solution for Industrial Applications

Get superior performance with the JYWQ Automatic Mix Sewage Pump, optimal for diverse industrial sectors like chemical, petroleum, and mining.

  • High-speed motor for effective sediment mixing and discharge
  • Compact design for easy installation and portability
  • Anti-clogging hydraulic components for exceptional dirt handling
  • Double tandem tungsten carbide seals for corrosion resistance and longevity
  • Automatic safety protection control cabinet for protection against overload, leakage, and over-temperature
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JYWQ Automatic Mix Sewage Pump: An Efficient, Anti-Clog Solution for Industrial Applications

Introducing the innovative JYWQ Automatic Mix Sewage Pump - your powerful, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for your industrial waste management needs. Expertly crafted for handling solid particles and long fibres, the pump ensures smooth, uninterrupted operation in industrial environments, thereby minimizing pit deposition.

From chemical and petroleum sectors to mining and municipal engineering, this robust pump offers versatility and exceptional performance. The high-speed rotation motor at the base allows for thorough sediment stirring and complete discharge, enforcing its efficiency.

Built to effectively combat sewage sludge sedimentation, the device contains a built-in stir that significantly reduces clogging. This feature alone allows for a better load management on the pump, and pairs seamlessly with the pump's anti-clog hydraulic components that handle high dirt capacities with ease.

Fabricated for uninterrupted operation, the pump preserves its lifespan with corrosion-resistant double tandem seals made of tungsten carbide. Not only does this reduce maintenance costs, but also assures a longer product life. Its compact design facilitates quick and straightforward installation, while improving mobility.

The utility of the Automatic Mix Sewage Pump extends to safety, equipped with an automatic protection control cabinet that wards off overload, leakage, and overheating. The pump's specifications are: Flow 8-400m3/h, Head 5-60m, Power 0.75-75kw, Speed 980-2900r/min, Diameter 25-200mm, and it can operate in Temperature up to 60u00b0C.

  • Versatility across different sectors like chemical, petroleum, mining and municipal engineering
  • High-speed rotation motor for effective sediment stirring and complete discharge
  • Built-in stir that limits clogging
  • Anti-clog hydraulic components to handle high dirt capacities
  • Corrosion resistance due to double tandem seals made of tungsten carbide
  • Compact design, promising ease of installation and improved mobility
  • Automatic protection control cabinet to prevent damage from overload, leakage, and high temperatures
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