Proficient Polypropylene Thermometer Jar 11cm - Autoclavable and Long-lasting

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Versatile Polypropylene Thermometer Jar (11cm) – Durable & Autoclavable

Experience safety and sterility with the Polypropylene Thermometer Jar. Ideal for hospital and laboratory environments, it is an optimal solution for storing and sterilizing temperature measurement devices.

  • Material: Superior quality, autoclavable polypropylene
  • Dimensions: 11cm height; approximately 30mm internal diameter
  • Purpose: Specially designed for thermometer storage and sterilization
  • Weight: Roughly 0.475kg

Ensure cleanliness with appropriate cleaning agents and follow disinfection before steam sterilization.

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Versatile Polypropylene Thermometer Jar (11cm) - Durable & Autoclavable

Ideal for diverse healthcare establishments, this high-quality Polypropylene Thermometer Jar is a reliable, indispensable tool for efficient thermometer storage. With a sturdy build crafted from superior autoclavable polypropylene, this product ensures longevity, easy sterilization, and unrivaled performance. A standard height of 11cm makes the jar compatible with various types of thermometers, thus fulfilling your varied requirements.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Fabricated from top-grade autoclavable polypropylene, our Thermometer Jar can withstand wear and tear, promising long-term usage.
  • Autoclavable Nature: Designed for hygiene and safety, the jar can be sterilized effectively in steam sterilizers, ensuring that your thermometers always have a clean storage space.
  • Size that Fits All: With a height of 11cm, the Thermometer Jar accommodates thermometers of disparate lengths, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Product Details:

  • Material: Autoclavable Polypropylene
  • Inner Diameter: Approx 30mm
  • Jar Depth: Approx 110mm
  • Total Height: Approx. 120mm
  • Estimated Weight: 0.475kg
  • Estimated Volume: 1.573cdm

This Thermometer Polypropylene Jar forms an integral component of the S9902218 - Midwifery kit and is painstakingly packaged for secure transportation and storage.

Correct Usage

Intended exclusively for thermometer storage, our Thermometer Jar necessitates standard cleaning, disinfection, and steam sterilization. Ensure to maintain the product's integrity by using it solely for its designated purpose.

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