Durable Polypropylene Jar Forceps - Essential Medical Tool

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The Jar Forceps – Superior Quality Polypropylene Medical Tool is an important part of modern healthcare. Manufactured from premium-quality polypropylene, it promises durability and precision. The forceps is autoclavable, ensuring strict adherence to safety and hygiene standards. Its meticulous design offering an internal diameter of 54mm, depth of 180mm, and an overall height of 200mm, make it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. The single pack packaging guarantees maximum protection during shipment.

  • Constructed from first-rate polypropylene for enhanced durability and precision.
  • Autoclavable, promising superior sterilization and hygiene compliance.
  • With an internal diameter of 54mm, depth of 180mm, and height of 200mm, it supports an array of applications.
  • Sold in individual packaging to ensure maximal protection during transport.
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Unbeatable Quality Jar Forceps - The Ultimate Polypropylene Medical Tool for Your Facility

Equip your healthcare facility with our top-notch Jar Forceps, an indispensable polypropylene medical tool designed for a wide range of applications. Ideal for both routine and emergency scenarios, these forceps combine durability and sterilizability with ease of use.

Exceptional Polypropylene Material

Each Jar Forceps tool is crafted from premium polypropylene, ensuring long-term usage without a compromise on performance. This material is renowned for its resistance to a plethora of chemical solvents, alkalis, and acids, maintaining its integrity longer than its counterparts.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Premium Polypropylene
  • Autoclavable: Yes
  • Internal Diameter: Approximately 54mm
  • Depth: 180mm
  • Overall Height: Approximately 200mm

Sterilization Made Simple

Our Jar Forceps are designed to withstand autoclaving, providing an efficient sterilization solution without compromising on the tool's durability and reliability. This feature serves to reinforce your infection control protocols and uphold the highest standard of care.

Convenient and Protective Packaging:

Our Jar Forceps come individually packed in secure unit packs designed for safe transport and storage, maximizing the shelf-life and ease of use.

Estimated Weight and Volume:

  • Weight: Approximately 0.500kg
  • Volume: Approximately 1.518cdm

Instructions for Use:

To ensure optimal utilization and sterilization of these Jar Forceps, we recommend adhering to the standard healthcare procedures and guidelines.

Included in Midwifery Kit:

In addition to standalone availability, our Jar Forceps can be found in the S9902218 Midwifery Kit – an all-in-one solution consisting of two critical pieces of equipment for all-inclusive care.

Functional and Secure Design

With a height of approximately 200mm, a depth of 180mm, and an internal diameter of about 54mm, our Jar Forceps offer a perfect blend of functionality and safety, appropriate for various healthcare applications.

Equip your healthcare suite with our top quality Jar Forceps – the perfect blend of form and function that's suitable for a variety of medical settings.

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