Superior Quality Iodine ACS Reagent, Solid for Precise Analytical Results

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Superior Quality Iodine ACS Reagent, Solid for Precise Analytical Results

  • Purity: Exceeds 99.8%, ensuring optimal performance in your applications
  • CAS Number: 7553-56-2, widely recognized and verified identifier
  • EC Number: 231-442-4, meeting European standards
  • Technical Documents: Backed by extensive technical documents and peer-reviewed papers

A top choice for professionals who demand quality and reliability. Specifically designed for application in the fields of active pharmaceutical ingredients, chemicals, and raw materials analysis. This solid iodine reagent combines superior purity and precise results for analytical purposes. Crafted with rigorous quality standards, this reagent guarantees accuracy and exceptional performance. Trust in its exceptional quality to achieve accurate and reliable results in your applications.

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Iodine ACS reagent, solid: The unparalleled choice for labs

Renowned for its unparalleled purity of u226599.8%, our Iodine ACS reagent, solid (CAS Number: 7553-56-2, EC Number: 231-442-4) is an indispensable product in a wide array of applications, particularly in laboratories and research institutions. It maintains a laudable standard set by the American Chemical Society (ACS), ensuring you top-tier quality and unmatched consistency.

  • Purity: With a purity of over 99.8%, this reagent is perfect for critical applications where premium quality is mandatory.
  • CAS Number: 7553-56-2: A unique identifier that allows easy and specific reference.
  • EC Number: 231-442-4: Assures adherence to European standards for chemical substances.
  • Applications: Our Iodine ACS solid reagent holds an essential place in research related to organic synthesis, food testing, pharmaceutical development, hazardous substance analysis, and more due to its sturdiness and reliability.
  • ACS Standards: Ensuring not just compliance but exceeding ACS standards, our material ensures your analytical results are precise, reproducible, and reliable.

Discover the full potential of our Iodine ACS reagent, solid, 7553-56-2 by delving into its MSDS, probing related peer-reviewed papers, scrutinizing technical documents, and examining similar products. Along with the product, we provide comprehensive support materials to aid your research and application processes.

Experience the highest level of quality and consistency in your chemical analyses today with our Iodine ACS reagent, solid!

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