Sterile Single-Use Infusion Giving Set for Safe and Precise Fluid Administration

Short description

Ensure precise and safe fluid administration with the Sterile Single-Use Infusion Giving Set. This parenteral gravity infusion set guarantees maximum hygiene thanks to its sterile, single-use design. It’s manufactured according to ISO 8536-4 standards for trusted medical use.

  • Sterile, single-use – Promotes excellent hygiene
  • ISO 8536-4 compliant – Certifies trusted medical-grade use
  • Sharp, capped perforator – Allows easy, secure insertion
  • Bacteriological air inlet filter – Enhances user safety
  • Transparent drop counting chamber – Facilitating accurate monitoring
  • Flexible transparent tubing – Provides utility and convenience
  • Smooth roller clamp – Enables control of fluid rate

Excluding unnecessary supplier details, the Infusion Giving Set is individually packed with detailed instructions for usage and disposal. Opt for our offering to ensure reliable and precise fluid administration.

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Sterile Single-Use Infusion Giving Set for Reliable Fluid Administration

Featuring our premium sterile Infusion Giving Set, meticulously engineered for precise and safe fluid administration through a gravitational mechanism. Suitably designed for healthcare practitioners and clinical environments, this product is compliant with ISO 8536-4 standards for medical-grade infusion equipment, ensuring superlative trustworthiness and excellence.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed safety with a sterilized, single-use design
  • Inbuilt, sharp protective capped perforator for seamless puncturing
  • Comes with an air inlet and an integrated bacteriological filter for preventing contamination
  • Transparent, calibrated drop-counting chamber enabling precise dosage control (20 drops/ml)
  • Optimum user mobility with a minimum 150cm long clear tubing
  • Smooth roll clamp for easy fluid rate regulation

Packaging and Sterilization

Each Infusion Giving Set is individually packed sterile, with ten units further packaged in a robust box. This packaging ensures sterility and product integrity during transport and distribution.

Intended Use

Exclusively designed for parenteral infusion delivery, except for blood products, in clinical or healthcare settings. To maintain safety optimally, the single-use design requires controlled incineration after use.

Operational Guidelines

Adjust the fluid rate as per clinical necessity using the inbuilt roller clamp, delivering a calibrated fluid transfer at your preferred pace. Following usage, the product should be safely disposed of via incineration, minimizing any potential hazards.

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