Top-Quality Ball Inflation Kit for Sports Enthusiasts | Easy-to-Use Pump & Accessories

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Ball Inflation Kit for Sports Lovers – Durable Pump & Accessories

  • Must-Have Sports Gear: Optimize your game with our Ball Inflation Kit. Suitable for various sports balls including footballs, basketballs, and volleyballs.
  • Premium Build: Pump composed of durable enameled metal or high-quality plastic ensures longevity.
  • Efficient Inflation: Featuring a hand pump with a tube size of 22mm diameter (+/-5% variation) that guarantees quick and efficient inflation.
  • Practical Extras: Comes with 2 backup non-return inflating needles, always ready when you need them.
  • Portability and Easy Storage: Each kit packaged separately in a plastic bag, lightweight at only 83g and compact with a volume of 0.354cdm, makes it perfect for transportation and storage.
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Optimal ball Inflation Kit for Sporting Afficionados - Robust Pump & Handy Accessories

This robust and efficient Ball Inflation Kit is a must-have for all the sports enthusiasts out there. Whether you are a professional athlete or an ardent fan enjoying a fun game in the weekends, this kit ensures that lack of air in your sports balls never dampens your spirits.

Fundamental Attributes

  • Premium Hand Pump: This kit includes a reliable hand pump with a tube size diameter ranging around 22mm. It's user-friendly, fast, and its tube length is within 210mm and 250mm.
  • Sturdy Build: The pump is framed in durable enameled metal or plastic suitable for constant use. It's designed with a comfortable wooden or plastic handle ensuring a secure grip.
  • Efficient Accessories: The package incorporates two non-return inflating needles for effortless ball inflation. These needles are safely stowed within the kit.

Shipping and Packaging

The Ball Inflation Kit is securely packed in a plastic bag ensuring the product's quality during transit. Weighing approximately 83g and an estimated volume of 0.354cdm, the kit guarantees cost-effective shipping.

Utilization Guide

The Ball Inflation Kit is user-friendly. Place the needle into the pump's tube, embed the needle into the ball's valve and inflate the ball using the handle. Simple step-by-step guidelines transform this kit into a valuable asset for the new as well as recycled balls.

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