Advanced Water Level Indicator for Accurate Borehole Studies

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Introducing the Advanced Water Level Indicator, designed specifically for optimum depth measurement in boreholes. Its unique feature set assures precision, reliability, and ease of use:

  • Power: Utilizing a 4.5-volt battery for durability.
  • Functionality: Designed to provide efficiency in all monitoring environments.
  • Reliability: Robust design accompanied by a duly calibrated cable for consistent readings.
  • Alert System: Employs visual and audio signals upon water detection, enhancing measurement accuracy.
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Advanced Water Level Indicator for Precision Depth Measurement in Boreholes

As an indispensable tool in the field of depth measurement, our Water Level Indicator delivers accuracy and reliability in its measurements. This device is a breakthrough in water level analysis in boreholes, providing exacting measurements with its 50-metre calibrated cable. The calibration in metres and centimetres adds to the precision level, making it an accurate and professional choice.

Features and Specifications

  • Dual Sensory Experience: Our water level indicator uses both auditory and visual signals on contact with water, ensuring precise and timely measurement data.
  • Precision at Its Best: The flat, robust, dual-core cable, calibrated in metres and centimetres, enhances the tool's precision. It ties to the probe at one end and a cable winding reel at the other, promoting user convenience and measurement accuracy.
  • Robust Design: A sturdy frame encases the probe, ensuring durability in transportation and usage. The device also features a cable reel enhancing longevity and portability.
  • Environmentally Conscious: The use of a 4.5 Volt battery, comprising three 1.5 V batteries, makes this tool energy-efficient.
  • Customer-Centric Design: To safeguard your investment, we've included a double wrapped probe for safe transit and handling and two sets of spare batteries.

In addition to these features, our advanced water level indicator pairs well with a separate Carrying Bag or a Ground Sensor for Depth Sounding, for augmented utility. Note: This product comes with a 50-metre cable. Other cable lengths are available under separate catalog items. With the convergence of a user-friendly design and precise measurements, our Advanced Water Level Indicator is an ideal choice for precision water level studies in boreholes.

Experience the seamless blend of precision, durability, and user convenience with our Advanced Water Level Indicator – an essential tool for borehole studies.

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