Water Level Indicator with Audible Signal - The Ultimate Precision Tool for Depth Measurement up to 100m

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Water Level Indicator with Audible Signal – The Ultimate Precision Instrument for Measuring Water Depth up to 100m is a meticulously designed device capable of detecting water levels in boreholes. It stands out due to:

  • Reliability: Offers precise information on water levels up to depths of 100m.
  • Robust Probe: Incorporates a two-core cable that ensures durability.
  • Audible and Optical Signals: Sends high-frequency audio and optical signals for accurate readings.
  • Minimal Space: Weighs 5.1kgs and occupies a cubic space of 0.07m3, aiding portable use.
  • Extra Features: Comes with two sets of backup batteries. Additional grounding sensor and carry bag can be purchased separately.

Its operational efficiency and precision make it indispensable in several markets.

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Accurate & Reliable Water Level Indicator with Audible Signal - Your Ultimate Tool for Measuring Water Depth up to 100m

Introducing the Precise Water Level Indicator with Audible Signal, a pioneering solution for exact water level measurements. This top-of-the-line device is engineered specifically for in-depth boreholes and is an invaluable tool for the reliable and precise monitoring of water levels.

Key Features:

  • Measures water levels with unbeatable accuracy up to a significant depth of 100m.
  • Innovative oscillating field design that offers both visual and auditory signals to ensure precision.
  • Powered by a 4.5-volt power source, it delivers optimized energy consumption for extended usage.
  • Comes with an accurately calibrated, robust cable that is marked in meters and centimeters for clear, unambiguous readings.
  • Provides high-frequency sound and optical signals for improved measurement accuracy.
  • Features a stable probe for secure attachment, further enhancing precision.
  • Equipped with a convenient winding reel system for easy operation and a superior user experience.
  • Resilient packaging for optimal product protection during delivery.
  • Comes with additional accessory options like a carrying bag and Ground Sensor for Depth Sounding (sold separately) for added operational convenience.
  • Operates on two spare batteries (sold separately) for enhanced efficiency.

Engineered for efficiency, practicality, and long time durability, the Water Level Indicator with Audible Signal delivers foolproof performance that you can rely on. An essential tool for accurate and expert measurements, this device simplifies the task of monitoring water levels in boreholes with its effortless operation and trustworthiness. Adopt the Water Level Indicator with Audible Signal, and make your water level measurements as precise as they can get.

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