Compact & Portable 4.5Ltr 12V Field Laboratory Incubator for High-Precision Field Testing

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The Compact & Portable 4.5Ltr 12V Field Laboratory Incubator for High-Precision Field Testing is a reliable tool designed to boost precision and efficiency in microbial testing. Its key features include:

  • Variable Temperature Range: This incubator provides a temperature span from 5 to 45°C, ideal for different microbial assays.
  • Portability: Thanks to its feather-light and compact structure, it allows ease of transportation and usage, proving particularly useful in remote areas.
  • Clear Polycarbonate Lid: Facilitates continuous monitoring without disturbing the testing environment.
  • Flexible Power Options: Its power settings are flexible and adjust smoothly to varying conditions.

Whether for environmental monitoring, bacterial culture or academic research, it offers consistency and reliability across numerous testing situations.

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Achieve Unmatched Precision in Field Testing with the Compact & Portable 4.5Ltr 12V Field Laboratory Incubator

Our cutting-edge 4.5Ltr 12V Field Laboratory Incubator is your ultimate solution for professional, on-site microbiological testing. Crafted with advanced temperature control technology, this high-end, portable device ensures dependable and precise results, supporting your testing needs in diverse environments.

Robust and Lightweight Structure

Built in a sturdy molded carrying case, this compact incubator is designed for rigorous field conditions. It couples outstanding durability with extraordinary portability, weighing just around 2kg. Also, the transparent polycarbonate cover not only safeguards your crucial samples but also ensures unhindered visibility, thus maintaining the environmental integrity required for your tests.

High-Tech Features for Steadfast Results

This incubator is engineered with a state-of-the-art solid-state temperature control technology that ensures a broad temperature range from +5°C to 45°C, catering to a variety of microbiological needs. Moreover, it is powered by an energy-efficient 12V DC source and comes with options for a mains adapter and vehicle cigar lighter cable, delivering uninterrupted operation – making it an essential tool for field testing.

A Globally Compatible Device

To add to its stellar features, this incubator comes with automatic voltage selection or range of 110/240 Volts, enabling seamless operation in different voltage systems worldwide, thereby negating the need for a separate converter. With its provision of interchangeable global mains power plugs, this device is prepared for global operations. Invest in our Compact and Portable 4.5Ltr 12V Field Laboratory Incubator to experience world-class microbiological analyses marked by precision, consistency, and novel temperature control technology.

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