IEHK2017 Supplementary Module 1C: Essential Cold Chain Medicines Kit for Emergencies

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IEHK2017 Supplementary Module 1C: Essential Cold Chain Emergency Medicines Kit caters to emergency situations, providing vital pharmaceuticals requiring cold chain maintenance. Key features:

  • Oxytocic: 20 Oxytocin Injections, 10IU 1ml ampoules ideal for childbirth-related emergencies.
  • Antidiabetic: 20 Intermediate and 20 Soluble Insulin Injections, each 100IU/ml for diabetes control.
  • Application Tools: 4 Insulin Syringes, 1ml, U-100, 30-31G are included for medicine administration.

Intended for use by first-level health professionals, it demands temperature regulation (2-8°C). Always refer to WHO’s guidelines for health emergencies and the IEHK2017 guide.

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The Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017 - Supplementary Module 1C, Cold Chain Medicines is a comprehensive health solution meticulously designed to aid healthcare professionals, particularly in emergency scenarios. This health kit includes essential medications that require a cold chain for storage, showcasing its indispensable role in medical assistance.

  • Oxytocin 10IU: The kit comprises 200 single-use, 1ml ampoules of Oxytocin. Its primary role includes controlling post-childbirth bleeding, and inducing or facilitating labor.
  • Intermediate Insulin 100IU/mL: The kit provides 20, 10ml vials, crucial for regulating blood glucose levels during diabetic emergencies.
  • Soluble Insulin 100IU/mL: It encompasses 20, 10ml vials committed to managing urgent diabetic situations due to its rapid-acting capabilities.
  • Insulin Syringes: The kit is equipped with four boxes (100 each) of U-100, 1ml, 30-31G insulin syringes for hassle-free insulin administration.

This kit requires controlled temperature storage (2-8°C) and is exclusively shipped via air to ensure maximal temperature control. Extraneous resources such as 'The Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017', 'Technical Guidelines for Health Emergencies', 'WHO Model Formulary 2008', 'Essential Drugs List', and 'Clinical Guidelines' provide in-depth information and guidance on the kit's usage.

To sum up, the IEHK2017 Supplementary Module 1C, Cold Chain Medicines is a salient asset in addressing health emergencies, holding the power to control and manipulate health outcomes positively. From handling obstetric emergencies to tackling diabetic crises, this kit stands out as a robust frontline health solution.

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