IEHK2017 Kit Supplementary Module 1 - Emergency Healthcare Solutions for 10,000 Individuals

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IEHK2017 Kit Supplementary Module 1 – Comprehensive Emergency Healthcare Solutions for 10,000 Individuals:

  • Serves as a crucial emergency health kit assembled for professionals, providing essential medical provisions for 10,000 people over a span of three months.
  • Includes essential medicines for standard treatments. Usage complementary with the basic module.
  • Also includes certain drugs requiring specific packaging for import regulations or cold chain management.
  • An indispensable resource during health crises such as complex emergencies or natural disasters.
  • Appropriate storage conditions: Below 25°C and beyond the reach of children.
  • Thorough understanding of included instructions is required for effective use.

Kindly note: No known chemical formula or CAS number available for this kit.

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IEHK2017 Kit Supplementary Module 1: Comprehensive Emergency Healthcare Solutions Serving Up To 10,000 Individuals

The IEHK2017 Kit Supplementary Module 1 – Medicines is an essential solution devised to cater for the primary health needs of a population as large as 10,000 individuals across a stretch of three months. It's a specially packaged and comprehensive suite of medical provisions dedicated to severely hit regions where regular health services are either limited or completely non-existent. This first-rate emergency health kit is ideal for health professionals, including physicians who are on their mission to deliver quality health service in emergency situations.

Key Features

  • A broad range of essential medicines, including various antibiotics such as Hydrocortisone and Ceftriaxone, vital vitamins like Ascorbic acid and Retinol, Anti-Inflammatories, Antipsychotics, Hypertensives, and much more.
  • All-inclusive emergency health kit designed to complement the Basic IEHK kit for effective management of various health crises in disaster-affected areas.
  • Includes the 2016 MSF Essential Drugs Guidelines in English, French and Spanish languages for efficient use of the kit.
  • Designated as a key item in the UNICEF Emergency supply list – a recommended must-have kit for complex emergencies or natural disasters where health services are inadequate or completely unavailable.
  • Inbuilt precautions for storage and handling of the medicines. All medicines should be stored below 25°C and kept safely away from children.

Whether it's a massive outbreak of disease, natural disaster, or conflicts that disrupt normal medical supply lines, the IEHK2017 Kit Supplementary Module 1 – Medicines is your dependable primary healthcare emergency kit, ready to be deployed at any time.

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