Malaria Emergency Health Kit 2017 - Effective Solution for Uncomplicated Malaria | Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Malaria

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The Malaria Emergency Health Kit 2017 – Basic Unit is a comprehensive aid for controlling uncomplicated malaria. Key features:

  • Delivers efficient primary healthcare in emergencies like natural disasters.
  • Includes versatile anti-malarial medicines and swift diagnostic tests.
  • Can serve a population of 1,000 for 3 months.
  • Simplified design for ease of use by minimally-trained health workers.
  • Features a shelf life of 24 months.
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Command the forefront in the battle against malaria with the Malaria Emergency Health Kit 2017 - Basic Unit. This vital kit, explicitly designed to treat and manage uncomplicated malaria in emergency situations, serves as an efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use solution, addressing urgent healthcare needs during crucial times.

Every item placed in this kit has been purposely chosen for its role in fighting malaria. It offers vital tools to provide quality healthcare for a population of 1,000 for up to three months. A vital component for health-focused humanitarian aid in malaria-endemic regions, this kit has your needs in mind.

Key Features

  • Houses a range of anti-malarial medicines including Artemether-Lumefantrine tablets, recognized as an effective first-line treatment for uncomplicated malaria.
  • Rapid diagnostic tests (SD Bioline Malaria Ag Pf/pan, kit/25) enable immediate and precise detection of malaria, facilitating treatment at the earliest opportunity.
  • Designed for easy usage even by primary health-care workers with minimal training, allowing for adequate care in challenging situations.
  • A crucial part of the 'Emergency Health Kit 2017', this kit has been optimized to cater to varied medical emergencies.
  • A two-year shelf life ensures durability, maintaining effectiveness during long-term storage or transit.
  • In addition to medicines and tests, it includes safety paraphernalia such as leak-resistant sharps containers, latex examination gloves, and Biohazard bags.

The Malaria Emergency Health Kit 2017 - Basic Unit is the definitive readily available solution for rapid, effective response during emergencies such as natural calamities or disrupted medical facilities. To effectively utilize this kit, we highly recommend the WHO publication - The Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2017.

Jumpstart your journey towards a malaria-free world with this comprehensive solution for uncomplicated malaria!

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