Top-Grade Lab Hot Plate with Built-in Stirrer - Unmatched Performance & Precision

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High-Performance Lab Hot Plate with Built-in Stirrer – Top Quality & Precision: An exceptional laboratory hot plate engineered for superior heating and stirring. Emphasizing on:

  • Vitro-ceramic heating surface: Facilitates speedy sample warming and efficient heat distribution.
  • Adjustable Motor Speed: Amenable up to 2000rpm, meeting diverse stirring requirements.
  • Precise temperature control: Offers significant range till 450u00b0C for accurate heating.
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High-Performance Lab Hot Plate with Integrated Stirrer – Delivering Unmatched Quality, Precision & Versatility

Our top-of-the-line Lab Hot Plate with Built-in Stirrer will redefine your laboratory experience, providing top-notch performance and precision with every use. Engineered with the highest standards in advanced technology and robust design, this indispensable scientific tool sets the benchmark for laboratory heating and stirring applications.

Superior Design & Performance

This state-of-the-art equipment combines excellent heat distribution with variable speed magnetic stirring, providing unrivalled consistency, speed and precision. Its high-quality ceramic glass heating surface is tough yet easy-to-clean, offering exceptional longevity and efficient heat transfer. Combined with an advanced temperature control system, it gives scientists full flexibility for diverse lab tests and ensures optimal performance at temperatures up to 450°C.

Advanced & User-Friendly Features

  • Single stirring slot benchtop design for simplified, efficient lab processes.
  • Sturdy synthetic base provides stability and minimal heat loss.
  • Impressive 15L stirring capacity caters to varied laboratory operations.
  • Exclusive fast-action 500W heating system significantly reduces waiting time.
  • Electronically controlled motor reaches up to 2000rpm for versatile stirring.
  • Built in voltage protection safeguards the machine for international use with 120V/60Hz and 230V/50Hz systems.

Comprehensive Package

The package includes 3 coated stirring bars and an informative, multilingual user-guide in English, French, and Spanish for a seamless, globally-friendly user experience. Designed with space efficiency in mind, the sleek, compact and ergonomic device is ideal for industries where space is a premium.

Safety & Quality Assurance

Attractively packaged, the units are meticulously prepared to prevent damage during transit. Our commitment to quality and safety makes our products reliable and trustworthy, ensuring excellent condition delivery every time.

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