Efficient Borehole Steel Riser Pipe Hoisting Tool for Streamlined Operations

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Optimize Your Operations with Efficient Borehole Steel Riser Pipe’s Hoisting Tool

  • Specialized Design: Crafted specifically for borehole steel riser pipes to ensure ultimate precision and performance with a standard diameter of 40mm.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for efficient lifting and placement of both galvanized and stainless-steel riser pipes.
  • Installation Assistance: Streamlines the pump installation process by securely hoisting or lowering riser pipes.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Plays an integral role in pump installations in boreholes, facilitating accurate positioning of the riser pipes.
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Streamline Your Borehole Operations with Efficient Hoisting Tool for Borehole Steel Riser Pipes

Supercharge your borehole operations with our unique and highly efficient Hoisting Tool for Borehole Steel Riser Pipes. This durable tool is specifically engineered to fit borehole steel riser pipes with a 40mm nominal diameter, enabling effortless lifting, positioning, and lowering of both galvanized and stainless-steel riser pipes -- a breakthrough in the field of borehole operations.

Whether for installation or maintenance tasks, it's your ideal partner in dealing with riser pipes conveniently and efficiently. Made for durability and long-term use, this compact and lightweight tool comes with an estimated weight of just 5.8 kg and a volume of approximately 10 cdm. Streamline your operations by making the pump installation process a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Exclusively designed for borehole steel riser pipes, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance
  • Compatibility with 40mm nominal diameter pipes widens the range of applicability
  • Suitable for both galvanized and stainless-steel riser pipes offering unmatched versatility
  • Facilitates easy pump installation, saving time and effort
  • Intense durability ensures long-term use
  • Lightweight design at approximately 5.8 kg for easy maneuverability
  • Compact size with an estimated volume of 10cdm for easy storage and transport


This highly efficient, durable, and compact tool is an essential asset in hoisting, lowering, or handling riser pipes during the installation or maintenance of pumps in boreholes. It offers stellar performance, accuracy, and safety during these critical tasks.


Our Hoisting Tool can be provided as a standalone unit for immediate requirements. For comprehensive projects, it can be shipped as part of larger riser pipe consignments in 20-foot containers or bundles for optimal convenience.

Upgrade Your Borehole Operations:

Working smart is the key to efficiency. Our Hoisting Tool for Borehole Steel Riser Pipes is designed for precision, durability, and efficacy. Invest in enhanced productivity and precision today. Reform your borehole operations and notice the difference!

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