Premium Helicidum (Hiliedum Helicid Hilieidum): Leading Sedative for Sleep and Nervousness

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Premium Helicidum (Hiliedum Helicid Hilieidum) – An exceptional quality extract derived from the seeds of the Buchanania latifolia plant. Recognized for its ataractic effects, providing relief from stress, anxiety, nervousness, and sleeplessness. The product bears the molecular formula C13H16O7 and a CAS No. of 80154-34-3. It offers a versatile utility in food and pharmaceutical sectors due to its 97% HPLC purity. The physical form is a white crystal or crystalline powder soluble in hot water, ethanol, and minimal water. It’s professionally packed in a 25.0kg/drum to ensure product integrity and facilitate transportation.

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Premium Helicidum (Hiliedum Helicid Hilieidum): An Exceptional Sedative for Sleep and Nervousness

Helicidum, known scientifically as Buchanania Latifolia, is widely recognized for its superior grade calming properties. Processed from seeds using advanced solvent extraction methods, it forms into a white, crystalline powder which can also appear as needle, clubbed, or sheet crystals. This product exemplifies premium grade due to its yield, effective functioning, and wide-ranging application.

Chemical Composition and Solubility

Presenting a molecular formula of C13H16O7, and formula weight of 284.26, Helicidum's chemical structure is simple yet impactful. With no discernible odor and a slightly bitter taste, Helicidum displays varying degrees of solubility. It is soluble in hot water, exhibits slight solubility in ethanol, carbinol, and cold water, but is insoluble in aether and chloroform.

Key Functions and Applications

  • An Excellent Ataractic: Helicidum addresses various neuropsychic concerns, including the cure of neurasthenic syndrome and vasal neuropathic headache.
  • Sleep-inducing Properties: Recognized as a game-changer for people experiencing sleeplessness and stress-related nervousness, its effectiveness ensures a high demand in the global market.
  • Pain and Anxiety Reducing Effects: With its proven capacity to alleviate mild anxiety and pain, it is a preferred choice for enhancing relaxation and tranquility.
  • Energy Stimulant: According to traditional Chinese medicine, Helicidum can lead to increased energy flow and overall wellness.

Quality Packaging and Global Shipping

Our product is meticulously packed in a 25.0kg/drum, ensuring protection and preservation. Marketed widely in North America, Central/South America, and Western Europe, the Helicidum's quality is strengthened by its efficient packaging and reliable shipping.

Disclaimer: Our Helicidum (Hiliedum Helicid Hilieidum) is suitable for food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade applications. Before usage, please consult a healthcare professional.

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