High-Quality Heavy-Duty Reusable Cleaning Gloves - Ultimate Blend of Durability and Comfort

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High-Quality Heavy-Duty Reusable Cleaning Gloves for Rigorous Tasks – Durability Meets Comfort

  • Durable: Exceeds regular disposable gloves in longevity with its sturdy construction resistant to cuts, punctures, and abrasions.
  • Waterproof: Offers superior moisture resistance protecting users effectively.
  • Comfort: The seamless pattern ensures maximum comfort during prolonged usage periods.
  • Protection: Aligns with PPE standards and can endure high-concentration chlorine solutions making them ideal for heavy-duty tasks in rigorous environments.
  • Specifications: Measures a minimum of 30cm in length and has an optimal material thickness of 0.38mm at the fingertips, meeting key safety requirements for protective gloves such as EN 388, EN 374-1, EN 374-2, EN 374-4, EN 374-5, and EN 420 A1.
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Experience Unmatched Cleaning Performance

Introducing our high-quality, heavy-duty reusable cleaning gloves - the perfect blend of durability and comfort for all rigorous cleaning tasks. With superior protection, these gloves are crafted to last, ensuring your hands remain safe during the toughest challenges.

Premium Quality Ensures Durability

  • Reusable and Long-lasting: Made from nitrile or synthetic rubber, our gloves provide extended durability, promising cost-effectiveness and long-term use.
  • Superior Safety: These gloves resist cracking, puncture, and abrasion, providing safeguard against sharp objects and rough surfaces for secure grip each time.
  • Absolute Protection: Waterproof and powder-free, these gloves enable effective work in wet conditions and prevent contamination of the cleaning area.
  • User Comfort: The seamless design ensures user comfort and dexterity, even during prolonged use.

Exceptional Construction

For allergy-prone users, our latex-free gloves offer an excellent choice. They come with a knit lining interior for easy donning and removal, making them more user-friendly.

Extraordinary Performance

These gloves withstand frequent washing, heavy loads, and high concentrations of chlorine solutions. With a minimum thickness of 0.38mm at fingers and a minimum length of 30cm, they offer tailored protection to hands and wrists during cleaning tasks.

Highest Compliance and Standards

Our gloves meet Personal Protective Equipment Directive (89/686/EEC) - Category 3, EN 388 - Mechanical Hazard Protection, and EN 374 series, ensuring chemical, microbial, and mechanical safety. Additionally, they fulfill EN 420 A1 standards, further endorsing their quality and performance.

Equip Your Cleaning Arsenal Today

Upgrade your cleaning tasks with our heavy-duty reusable cleaning gloves. Experience superior protection and comfort in every task you undertake.

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