Heating and Cooling Circulators SUNDI-575: Unrivalled Temperature Management Technology

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Heating and Cooling Circulators SUNDI-575: Experience precision and quality beyond standards with our SUNDI-575 Circulator. It features feed forward PID for accurate temperature control, 20 programmable modules for versatile usage, and MODBUS RTU Protocol with RS 485 Interface for effective communication. Constructed with high-quality brands like Tecumseh, Danfoss, and Emerson to ensure durability. Ease of use is ensured with a 7-inch color touchscreen controller with curve recording. Safety is also prioritized with protections like overload relay and thermal protection device.

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Features of the Heating and Cooling Circulators SUNDI-575:

  • Designed to deliver consistent, reliable temperature management with an impressive range from -50°C up to 250°C at an accuracy of ±1°C

  • Equipped with a dynamic temperature control mechanism and a PLC controller for precise temperature regulation and control

  • Integrated Program Editor with 20 customizable programs and 45 editable steps for enhanced temperature manipulation and improved productivity

  • Offers seamless communication with your existing systems, thanks to the included MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface

  • Fitted with high-grade components such as Tecumseh compressors, Danfoss expansion valves, and Emerson oil separators to maximize its performance and durability

  • Provides an enhanced user experience with a 7-inch color touch screen controller, featuring temperature curve recording and data export in excel format

  • Incorporates comprehensive safety protections, including freezer overload protection, high-pressure switch, overload relay, and thermal protection device

Owing to these quality attributes, the Heating and Cooling Circulators SUNDI-575 sets the pace in the industry for excellent temperature management, outstanding operational outcomes, and advanced safety protections. Enhance your operation's efficiency and productivity with this unparalleled, high-performing device.

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