VLOM Riser Pipe, UPVC-SS, 65ND, 3m: High-quality Handpump for India Mark III/VLOM-65 Hand-Pumps

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Handpump, VLOM, Riser Pipe, UPVC-SS, 65ND, 3m – Robust and Trustworthy

  • Design: Custom-made for India Mark III hand-pumps, made of U-PVC pressure pipe and SS couplings.
  • Water Safety: Non-toxic and appropriate for safe drinking water.
  • Specifications: Outer diameter of 80mm, minimum inner diameter of 65mm, and minimum wall thickness of 6mm.
  • Durability: Assured hydrostatic strength following ISO 1167-1/2:2006 standards.
  • Additional Items: The package also comprises SS connecting rod, centralizers, hemp, and tubes of alimentary grease.
  • Weight and Size: At 10.5kg weight with a volume of 15.1cdm, offers ergonomic efficiency.
  • Usage: Ideal for corrosive water up to a depth of 45m, requiring a specified minimum borehole diameter for centralizer selection.
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Handpump, VLOM Riser Pipe, UPVC-SS, 65ND, 3m: Unmatched Durability and Reliability

The Handpump, VLOM Riser Pipe, UPVC-SS, 65ND, 3m offers unparalleled performance and longevity. Engineered specifically for India Mark III-65/VLOM 65 Hand-Pumps, it embodies robust functionality and exceptional durability.

  • Constructed with virgin Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (U-PVC) for excellent endurance.
  • Stainless Steel (SS) couplings and a SS connecting rod prevent leakage and corrosion.
  • Complies with ISO 4065:1996 and BS-EN/ISO 11922-1:1997 standards for reliable performance.
  • Nominal pressure of 16 bars to handle demanding tasks efficiently.
  • Designed to last for at least 50 years at 20 degrees Celsius, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Dependable Coupling System and Rigorous Field Testing

The VLOM Riser Pipe integrates a seamless SS Coupling system into the U-PVC pipe for a secure and leak-proof connection. Manufactured from seamless Stainless Steel AISI 304L (1.4307), this handpump guarantees safety and effectiveness. It also undergoes stringent hydrostatic testing according to ISO 1167-1/2:2006 requirements.

  • Couplings can endure an internal pressure of up to 130 bars, offering dependability against water hammer and operational vibrations.
  • Included accessories like the stainless steel connecting rod, rod centralizer, riser pipe centralizer, hemp and tubes of alimentary grease further enhance operational longevity.
  • Optimal for use in corrosive water and can be installed at depths of up to 45 meters.

Installation and Use

Specifically designed for India Mark III/VLOM-65 deep well hand-pumps, this riser pipe set offers optimal functionality even in challenging water conditions. For installation at greater depths, full-length stainless steel riser pipes are recommended.

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