VLOM-65 Hand Pump Toolkit - Optimal Installation & Maintenance Solution

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Introducing the robust and reliable VLOM-65 Hand Pumps Toolkit, your ultimate solution for easy installation and maintenance of VLOM-65 (India MARKIII 65mm) hand pumps. The toolkit includes a comprehensive range of tools, tailoring specifically to VLOM-65 hand pumps, thereby enhancing their performance and durability.

  • Uniquely Designed: This toolkit is created to serve the installation and maintenance of VLOM-65 hand pumps.
  • Comprehensive Collection: The toolkit houses all the necessary tools for seamless VLOM-65 hand pump installation and servicing.
  • Indian Standards Compliant: The toolkit adheres to Bureau of Indian Standards IS:15500:2004, ensuring its safety and effectiveness.
  • Peak Performance: Helps maintain an unbroken and efficient operation of the VLOM-65 hand pumps.
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VLOM-65 Hand Pumps Toolkit: The Ultimate Solution for Hand Pump Installation and Maintenance

This comprehensive toolkit is custom-made for professionals performing installation and maintenance tasks on VLOM-65 (India MARKIII 65mm) hand pumps. It incorporates a wide array of specific tools that allow for optimal installation, smooth operation, regular maintenance, and prompt troubleshooting for VLOM-65 hand pumps.

Kit Components

Our toolkit is equipped with the following tools specific to the needs of VLOM-65 hand pumps:

  • Connecting rod vice
  • Axle punch
  • Chain coupler supporting tool
  • Crank spanner
  • Connecting rod lifter
  • Bearing pressing tool
  • Rod coupler spanner
  • Water tank lifter
  • Pipe lifting spanner
  • Heavy-duty clamp
  • Check valve puller
  • Durable toolbox for easy storage and transport of tools

Packaging and Labelling

Apart from the quality of the tools, consideration is given to the packaging and labelling, ensuring adherence to the strict protocols of Recommended Packaging Procedure (Annex C: Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004). To protect the tools and prolong their life, they are securely housed in a robust wooden crate, perfect for long-term storage and safe transport.

Why Choose Our Toolkit?

Ownership of our toolkit guarantees the longevity and optimization of your VLOM-65 hand pumps. Our tools are precision-engineered for accurate installations and maintenance routines, removing any room for error. Invest in this toolkit for optimal performance of your VLOM-65 hand pumps.

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