High-Quality TARA Handpump DA 9-15m, Variant 2 | Efficient Shallow Wells Water Pump

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This High-Quality TARA Handpump, DA 9-15m, Variant 2 for Shallow Wells is your meticulous solution for water extraction from shallow depths. Suitable for wells 9-12 meters deep, its admirable resilience is specifically tailored for regions with scarce water resources. Compliance with SKAT/RWSN specifications and IS:14106 signify superior quality and robust performance. Additionally, a Caretaker Spare Parts kit is included to ease maintenance routines. Shipping standards are maintained as per IS 15500:2004 to ensure safe transition. Please note, due to air freighting regulations, solvent cement and cleaning fluid are not included.

  • Low-lift TARA hand pump: Specifically engineered for shallow wells
  • 9-12 meter range: Assures optimal performance in the specified depth
  • Compliant with SKAT/RWSN & IS:14106: Guarantees the quality and reliable efficiency
  • Included Spare Parts: Simplifies maintenance regimen
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Discover the High-Quality TARA Handpump DA 9-15m, Variant 2 for Shallow Wells, a high-performing and dependable solution for efficient water extraction. Its unique design, specifically tailored for shallow wells, ensures it performs optimally amongst the diverse environmental conditions of Laos.

Endorsed by trusted quality assurance standards such as SKAT/RWSN Specifications Edition 2005 and IS:14106 emphasizes its durability and reliability.

Superior Product Features

  • Effective low lift handpump consistently operational in shallow wells between 7 and 15 meters deep.
  • Built with PVC riser mains and pump rods, ensuring longevity of the product.
  • Fused with solvent cemented PVC components enhancing its structural robustness.
  • Comes with a detailed step-by-step guide to simplify installation and usage.
  • Furnished with Caretaker Fast Moving Spare Parts for quick replacements when necessary.

This formidable TARA handpump has become a trusted asset in water supply applications worldwide.

Additional Equipment & Spare Parts

We offer spare parts as individual orders including foot valve, piston, top guide bush, and rubber seat for a cylinder, apart from the TARA hand pump Slow Moving Spare Parts kit. Investing in these extend the lifespan and efficiency of your TARA Handpump.

Packaging & Shipping Information

Packaging varies per shipment type. For air freights, products are securely packaged under corrugated cardboard, jute, or plastic laminated sheets, and bundled using steel straps. Take note, solvent cement and cleaning fluid are excluded in air freight packaging. For sea freights, we require a minimum order corresponding to a fully loaded ISO 20-foot container.

Choose the High-Quality TARA Handpump, DA 9-15m, Variant 2 for Shallow Wells. It's a guaranteed solution for reliable and efficient shallow well water extraction!

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