Premium Connecting Rods for SDWP/EDWP, VLOM-50/65 Hand Pumps – Top Quality Mild & Stainless Steel Editions

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High-Quality, Premium Connecting Rods for SDWP/EDWP, VLOM-50/65 Hand Pumps – crafted from robust Mild and Stainless Steel. These rods are tailored for Standard and Extra Deep Well hand pumps, extending up to 3 meters for peak performance. Engineered as per IS: 15500-2004 and RWSN-SKAT Revision 2 u2013 2007 for assured quality and reliability. Versatile design caters to diverse diameters and lengths. Fitted with threaded and friction-jointed couplers, offering optimal compatibility with FRP rods.

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High-Quality Premium Connecting Rods for SDWP/EDWP, VLOM-50/65 Hand Pumps – Mild and Stainless Steel Editions | Manufacturer and Supplier offer superior performance thanks to their advanced design and high-quality materials. This product serves as a unique replacement part, extending the life and enhancing the efficiency of your hand pumps.

The robust rods adhere strictly to the Bureau of Indian Standards, IS: 15500-2004, and RWSN-SKAT Revision 2 - 2007. By complying with these globally-accepted standards, the rods prove their excellence, superior quality, and dedication to safety. Choose from Mild Steel or Stainless Steel rods to meet a variety of industrial needs and operating conditions. The flexibility in diameters and lengths accommodate unique work scenario requirements.

  • Superior Quality: ISO Certified, these rods meet global standards in terms of quality and safety.
  • Material Choices: Available in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel versions, with the option to customize diameters and lengths.
  • Innovative Design: Special FRP rods fitted with threaded and friction jointed couplers offer enhanced resilience, durability and easy handling due to its weightless design.
  • Modularity: Though riser pipes are not included, a variety of these components are available separately, allowing customization according to well depth and hydraulic features.

Rely on our Premium Rods and diversify your operations. Each extension set, one Connecting Rod and one length of Riser Pipe are needed – ordered separately. All packaging and labeling practices adhere to the protocols outlined in Annex C, Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004, Recommended Packaging Procedures.

Seamlessly integrate these robust rods with other products like INDIA PUMPS: EDWP, and VLOM-50mm and VLOM-65mm to streamline your operations substantially. Invest in our highest quality Connecting Rods for SDWP/EDWP to reap the benefits of longer lifespan, efficient performance, and excellent pumping volume!

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