High-Quality Handpump SDWP India MKII Variant 3 CAR - Durable and Versatile Deep Well Pumping Solution

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Handpump SDWP India MKII Variant 3 CAR – Complete Deep Well Pumping Solution

  • Application: Efficiently pumps corrosive water and adapts to changing installation depths.
  • Depth Suitability: Perfect for cylinder installation depths of 15-45m, with variant 3 specifically designed for up to 30m.
  • Included Components: Kit includes a Head and Handle assembly, Water Tank, Plate, Stand, and Cylinder assembly with brass liner and check valve. Also includes a gunmetal plunger and maintenance manual.
  • Durability: Supplied with 10 connecting rods and riser pipes made from durable stainless steel and uPVC, respectively.
  • Bonus Features: A 2-year spare parts kit is included, and the product complies with safe shipment packaging standards for sea or air transport.
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High-Performing Handpump SDWP India MKII Variant 3 CAR - A Comprehensive Deep Well Pumping Solution

The Handpump SDWP India MKII Variant 3 CAR is a top-of-the-range deep well pump designed to yield outstanding performance and resilience. Modeled after the INDIA MARK II style, this pump is perfect for extracting water from deep wells ranging from 15 to 45 meters deep. Each set is packed and delivered to you as a complete Variant No. 3 solution.

  • Versatile for installation depths between 15 and 45 meters.
  • Features 40mm UPVC risers with stainless-steel couplings, offering exceptional longevity, even in corrosive water environments.
  • Comes with a complete well head assembly, water tank, third plate, and a telescopic stand. The cylinder assembly includes a Brass liner, a Gunmetal Plunger, and a check valve.
  • Included in the kit are 10 connecting rods and 10 riser pipes, each constructed using stainless steel and U PVC to offer sturdy performance.
  • A two-year operational spare part kit and a detailed installation and maintenance manual are provided to ensure easy use and longevity.
  • The packing is designed to comply with Annex C: Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004 for maximum safety during shipping.
  • Various tools, including standard and special tools, a fishing tools' set, and masonry tools are provided for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Shipment options cater to varying needs, with wooden crate packing for sea shipments and corrugated cardboard for air shipments. Each package is further protected by being sealed inside steel strapped bundles incorporated within HDPE sheets.

This high-quality pump offers not just effective water extraction, but a long-term solution for deep well pumping needs. Regulate the number of riser pipes and pump rods to effectively adjust its functionality to fit your unique needs. Choose the Handpump SDWP India MKII Variant 3 CAR for a comprehensive, flexible, and durable solution to your water extraction requirements.

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