Premium Forced Lift Hand Pump Replacement Sets - Elevate Your Water Lifting Experience

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Forced Lift Hand Pump Replacement Sets

  • Water Conveyance Solution: Expertly designs to convey water to higher levels, optimally suitable for SDWP, EDWP, VLOM-50, VLOM-60, and AFRIDEV Deep-well Hand Pumps.
  • Comprehensive Kits: each set includes FL pump head assembly, FL water tank assembly, a 40 mm dia non-return valve, and other essential accessories for outstanding performance.
  • Quality Assurance: Assures adherence to Bureau of Indian Standards and international SKAT specifications.
  • Variety of Options: Presents NORMAL and TELESCOPIC pedestal options for enhanced customization.
  • Safe and Broad Availability: The sets are responsibly packed and ensure ample supply of vital accessories, spare parts, and consumables.
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Premium Forced Lift Hand Pump Replacement Sets - Elevating Water Lifting to Greater Heights

Experience the epitome of efficiency, compatibility, and versatility with our high-quality Forced Lift (FL) Hand Pump Replacement Sets. These pump replacements have been meticulously engineered to aid in transporting water from the hand-pump outlet to elevated water tanks effortlessly. They are an excellent match for a range of pumps, including SDWP, EDWP (India MK-II Family), VLOM-50, VLOM-60 (India MK-III Family), and Afridev Deep-Well Hand Pumps.

Ultimate Versatility to Fulfill Every Need

Every operational need is distinct, and our FL sets encompass this with four different versions:

  • FL for SDWP/EDWP
  • FL for VLOM-50
  • FL for VLOM-65
  • FL for Afridev

All-Inclusive, Ready-for-Assembly Packages

Every FL kit features:

  • A superior FL pump head assembly
  • A resilient FL water tank assembly with sockets compatible with standard cylinder assemblies
  • A premium grade 40mm dia non-return valve, as stipulated by IS:778

Top-Notch Packaging, Simplified Use

Aligning with Annex C: Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004, our pump sets are diligently packaged for shipment. These replacements are engineered to morph a standard India/Afridev type pump into a high capacity water lifting device, conveying water from deep wells to both the hand pump outlet level and an elevated water tank.

Maintenance and Installation Made Easy

The requisites for installing and maintaining the equipment hinge largely on the density of hand pumps and the local environmental conditions. Fishing tools are also available for retreating any dropped components.

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