High-Quality Adult Patient Gown - Comfort & Durability in Healthcare Wear

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Superior Comfort and Durability in Healthcare Wear – Adult Patient Gown, Woven:

  • Universal Adult Size: Masterfully tailored to ensure a comfortable fit for most adults, enhancing patient experience in any health unit.
  • Reliable Fabric: Constructed from superior polyester/cotton blend or 100% cotton fabric, assuring both comfort and durability.
  • Exceptional Durability: Manufactured to withstand regular washing procedures like boiling, autoclaving, and exposure to 0.1% chlorine solutions.
  • Sterile Packaging: Each gown is individually sealed in a plastic bag, ensuring maximum hygiene and ease of use.
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Provide optimal patient comfort with our 'Superior Comfort and Durability in Healthcare Wear - Adult Patient Gown, Woven'. Notably designed for durability, washability, and maximum comfort, our gown exemplifies high healthcare standards. Boasting sustainable and eco-friendly materials, our gown does much more than just covering patients - it focuses on holistic solutions.

  • Colour: Its soothing white colour instantly conveys serene cleanliness and calming hygienic commitment.
  • Material: Crafted from superior quality fabric, this gown provides options of polyester/cotton (either 50/50% or 65/35%) or 100% cotton. Each guarantees the ultimate comfort for wearers.
  • Fabric Weight: With a fabric weight between 115g-175g per m2, our gown ensures a comfortable balance between stalwart durability and breathable lightness.
  • Washability: Rarely seen in most competitive offerings, our gown can withstand boiling, autoclaving, and 0.1% chlorine, promoting a long-lasting lifespan and excellent resistance to regular washing environments.
  • Usability: Making it ideally suited for numerous healthcare units, our gown takes pride in its flexible usability.

Our adult patient gown caters to a wide variety of body types due to its standard adult size. Every gown is individually packaged in a plastic bag to uphold the highest hygiene standards and prioritise patient safety. Moreover, our gowns are reusable and can maintain their quality after disinfection in a chlorine solution, followed by standard washing and ironing procedures. Exude an aura of dependable comfort and provide your patients with the best in healthcare attire with our 'Superior Comfort and Durability in Healthcare Wear - Adult Patient Gown, Woven'.

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