Advanced VHF Mobile Communication with GM360 Extended Control Head

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Extend your communication reach with the GM360 Extended Control Head, a VHF mobile communication device for diverse industries. It is engineered with user-friendly extended front control for effortless installation. Operating within a desirable VHF range, it is a favorite in transportation, utilities, and public safety industries. Leverage its 25-watt power output for stable and robust communication. It offers a facility for 255 programmable channels, enabling tailored communications for your needs. Each pack involves a GM360 mobile, a 5/8lmb mobile antenna, a 4m coax cable, a Z-Mount with BNC, a remote mount kit, and a 3m remote mounting cable. Note: Chemical formula and CAS number are not applicable.

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Unleash the Power of Advanced Communication with GM360 Extended Control Head Version

At the forefront of VHF mobile communication technology, the GM360 Extended Control Head Version is the key to unlocking unparalleled communication efficiency. This innovative mobile radio operates in the 146-174MHz frequency range, assuring crisp and robust transmission, enhancing your communications reach.

Every aspect of the GM360 design is dedicated to user convenience. The Extended Front Control Panel is the only component requiring user interaction — it adjusts to your comfort while the transceiver optimizes your space keeping a minimalist yet functional setup.

Remarkable Features:

  • Extended and easily installable front control panel promising an intuitive user interface.
  • Powerful 25 Watt output along with 255 programmable channels ensuring versatile and efficient communication.
  • Advanced VHF mobile radio promising clear and dependable communication.
  • Inclusion of seven programmable buttons and three status LEDs, ensuring an enhanced user experience.
  • Advanced voice storage function that helps in recording and accessing crucial conversations any time.

In Box:

  • GM360 mobile unit embedded with a VHF frequency range of 136-174MHz, 25W output, and 255 programmable channels.
  • A mobile antenna equipped with a 4m coax cable and BNC for an excellent reception and transmission.
  • A comprehensive remote mount kit facilitating hassle-free setup.
  • A 3m remote mounting cable for an easy and efficient installation process.

The GM360 Extended Control Head Version is more than just a product; it represents a progressive step in mobile communication technology. Embrace efficiency and revolutionize your communication sector by incorporating GM360 into your daily operations. Place your order now, specifying your desired operating frequency and join the communication revolution.

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