5% Glucose Injection 500ml with Giving Set – Promoting Optimal Blood Glucose Management

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Product: The Glucose Injection 5% 500ml with Giving Set is a crucial pharmaceutical aid designed for optimal blood glucose regulation. Primarily used in Midwifery kits, IEHK2011 kits, and Obstetric surgical kits, its effectiveness is second to none.

  • Each package comes with 20 units, enabling bulk healthcare provision.
  • Storage requires controlled temperature environments to maintain quality assurance and effectiveness.
  • The non-hazardous, thoroughly tested product complies with relevant safety standards.
  • Usable life span is specified per unit, ensuring maximum efficiency during its shelf-life.

For more detailed product specifics, kindly consult the WHO Model Formulary.

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Glucose Injection 5% 500ml with Giving Set - Optimum Solution for Effective Blood Glucose Management

Glucose Injection 5% 500ml with Giving Set serves as an integral tool in providing superior parenteral nutrition therapy. Specifically formulated to uphold optimal blood glucose levels, this product offers a reliable energy source for patients incapable of consuming nutrients through traditional routes.

Outstanding Product Attributes:

  • Every package includes 20 units of Glucose Injection 5% 500ml and a giving set for continuous and uninterrupted treatment.
  • Uniquely designed for intravenous use, ensuring rapid action and immediate results.
  • The incorporated giving set facilitates a smooth, hassle-free administration process.
  • Effectively supplies essential calories to the body, supporting effective glycemic control.

Reliable Storage and Safe Transportation

  • Our product mandates a regulated storage and transportation environment to preserve its peak efficacy.
  • Despite its vast benefits, this product is not classified as hazardous or a regulated substance.
  • Every batch is processed with rigorous care, supplemented with comprehensive shelf-life data to ensure safe usage.

Recommendations for Use

We strongly advocate referencing the comprehensive WHO Model Formulary for detailed information on product usage, cautions, dosage suggestions, and potential side effects. An accessible digital copy is available here.

Indispensable Component of Core Medical Kits

Glucose Injection 5% 500ml with Giving Set is an essential item in various critical medical kits like the Midwifery kit, IEHK2011 supplement kit, and Obstetric surgical kit supplement. This reiterates its crucial role in modern healthcare.

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