High-Quality Gentian Violet Solution 250ml - Ideal for Staining and Antibacterial Use

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A high-quality Gentian Violet Solution, available in a 250ml opaque container, perfect for staining and antibacterial use. Renowned product in hospitals and clinics with a shelf life of 36 months from manufacturing.

  • Chemical Name: Crystal Violet
  • Chemical Formula: C25H30ClN3
  • Concentration: 1%
  • Appearance: Ready-to-use solution
  • Grade: Chemically Pure (CP)

For optimal preservation, ensuring container is sealed tightly and stored in a dark place at temperatures ranging from 15 to 25°C.

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Experience the unparalleled quality and performance of our Gentian Violet Solution. This solution, also known as Crystal Violet, possesses a chemical formula of C25H30ClN3 with a concentration of 1%, making it the ideal solution for extensive applications in healthcare and research settings.

  • High grade: Categorized under the Chemically Pure (CP) grade, our Gentian Violet solution promises superior quality and consistency for all your staining or antibacterial needs.
  • Useful Applications: It's commonly implemented in hospitals, clinics, and research laboratories for in-vitro staining and as an antibacterial agent, showcasing its versatile usage across different fields.
  • Proper Storage: For optimal efficiency and longevity, the solution should be stored in a dark place at temperatures ranging from 15° to 25°C. The container should be firmly sealed to maintain its potency.
  • Long-Lasting: With a generous shelf-life of 36 months from the date of manufacturing, our Gentian Violet solution provides good value for money, promising a long period of usability.
  • Practical Packaging: The solution is provided in a 250ml opaque bottle to minimize light degradation. Each bottle weighs 0.25kg with a volume of 0.0005m3, making it easy to handle, store, and transport.

Our Gentian Violet solution elevates the benchmark of quality, usability, and performance standards. Ensuring the safe and correct use of this solution is fundamental for achieving the best results. Add our Gentian Violet Solution to your lab or healthcare facility today for consistent and trustworthy performance.

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