Genie Fast HIV1/2 Assay Kit: Your Reliable Tool for Swift HIV Antibody Detection

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The Genie Fast HIV1/2 Assay Kit is a high-performing diagnostic tool that leverages Lateral Flow technology for swift and accurate identification of HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies in human samples. With 100% sensitivity and 98.5% specificity, the kit guarantees reliable results.

  • Enables fast results, averaging 30 minutes.
  • Utilizes a minimal specimen volume of 80µl.
  • Includes 25 test cassettes and 50 plastic pipettes.
  • 18-months shelf life at temperature ranges 2-30°C empowers long term usability.
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Genie Fast HIV1/2 Assay Kit: Expedient and Accurate HIV Antibody Detection

The Genie Fast HIV1/2 Assay Kit is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool specially designed for swift detection of HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies present in human plasma, serum, or whole blood specimens. Leveraging leading-edge Lateral Flow technology, this kit caters trustworthiness, coupled with top-tier efficiency.

Superior Product Features

  • Advanced accuracy: Identifies both HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies with astounding precision.
  • Exceptional performance: Provides high sensitivity (100%) and specificity (98.5%) for steadfast, reliable results.
  • User-convenience: Requires just 80µl of the specimen, ensuring ease of use.
  • Fast results: Capable of delivering results within a quick span of 30 minutes, thereby saving significantly on crucial time.
  • Quality assurance: Includes integrated quality control measures to guarantee consistent performance.
  • Low failure rate: Proudly flaunts a low invalid rate of 0.1%.

Comprehensive Kit Contents

Our kit is carefully designed keeping user convenience at the forefront. It features:

  • 25 individually packed test cassettes to facilitate easy handling.
  • A set of 50 plastic pipettes for precise specimen application.
  • 1 diluent bottle (5ml) to assist in sample preparation.

Exceptional Durability and Storage

The kit boasts a long shelf life of 18 months and necessitates storage at temperatures between 2-30°C for maintaining optimal potency.

Usage Guidelines

Please adhere strictly to the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure safe and effective use. It's critical to use only the specified specimens for testing and to stick to bio-safety precautions. Be aware that the kit does not include specific accessories that may need to be procured separately.

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