GeneXpert IV with Starter Kit-Desktop PCR Analyzer: Exceptional Accuracy and Speed in PCR Diagnostics

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The GeneXpert IV with Starter Kit is a top-tier desktop PCR analyzer, boasting rapid and accurate HIV-1 detection. The use of advanced real-time reverse transcriptase PCR technology assures trusted results for paramount lab processes.

  • High Sensitivity: Detects 40 to 10,000,000 copies/ml for 1mL plasma samples.
  • Efficient Workflow: Manages 20 samples within an 8-hour shift.
  • User-Focused Design: Features a clear touchscreen for straightforward result interpretation.
  • Quick Processing: Its unique cartridge system fast-tracks testing while eliminating cross-contamination risks.
  • Adaptive Operation: Works in a wide range of conditions; 15-30°C temperature, up to 95% humidity, with power needs of 220-240V (50-60Hz).
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Unparalleled Accuracy and Speed with GeneXpert IV with Starter Kit-Desktop PCR Analyzer

Introducing the GeneXpert IV with Starter Kit-Desktop PCR Analyzer, equipped to revolutionize PCR diagnostics with unparalleled precision, rapid detection, and comprehensive testing thanks to its advanced real-time reverse transcriptase PCR technology. A game-changer in medical diagnostics, it assures accuracy and reliability like no other in the marketplace.

Product Highlights

  • Delivers precise and reliable testing results utilizing cutting-edge technology.
  • Capable of different output modes such as 'HIV-1 Detected', 'Invalid', 'Error', and 'NoResult'.
  • Accepts a minimum sample volume of 1mL in EDTA plasma, PPT, or ACD.
  • A wide detection range from 40 to 10,000,000 copies/mL caters to diverse testing needs.
  • Fast reading time of about 86 minutes enhances operational efficiency.
  • Can handle up to 20 samples in an 8-hour shift per operator.
  • Includes large, clear color touchscreen display for easy operation.
  • Comes with an integrated printer to provide detailed test results.
  • Incorporates a 2-year product warranty to ensure reliability.
  • All tests are run using prefilled, single-use cartridges improving hygiene and safety.

What's Included?

  • A Desktop PC
  • Starter kit with essential items like filters, PCR slot cleaning brush, dust cover, and more for immediate use.
  • Instructions manual available in multiple languages, ensuring easy usage for global customers.
  • Note: Additional items like disposable gloves, antiseptic swabs, and EDTA blood collection tubes to be provided separately.

Designed for optimal operation between 10-40 degrees Celsius, the GeneXpert IV is engineered to withstand humidity and direct sunlight. Rigorous adherence to the manufacturer's testing procedures is crucial to ensuring accurate results.

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