High-Performance Diesel Generator Set - 30kVA, Water-Cooled, Skid-Mounted | Industrial Power Solution

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High-Performance Diesel Generator Set – 30kVA, Water-Cooled, Skid-Mounted | Industrial Power Solution is critical for uninterrupted power supply in demanding industrial environments. Its application extends to power-sensitive facilities such as hospitals and water treatment plants, ensuring optimal performance even under strenuous conditions. This set is transport safe.

  • Engine: Water-cooled diesel, designed for continuous operation.
  • Capacity: Produces 30kVA power at a steady speed of 1500rpm.
  • Alternator: Brushless, synchronous, air-cooled with automatic voltage regulation.
  • Control Panel: Crafted from oxidation-resistant steel for enhanced durability.
  • Protection: Fully-integrated automatic shutdown safeguards against overlimit operation.
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Introducing our top-of-the-line High-Performance Diesel Generator Set, a quintessential power solution for numerous industrial applications. With exceptional capability to deliver up to 30kVA at a steady 1500rpm, this water-cooled, skid-mounted power unit assures unhindered productivity even in demanding conditions.

Our Diesel Generator Set innovates the realm of power management, harmonizing efficiency, durability, and impressive performance. Every feature is meticulously designed to provide unwavering reliability in fulfilling your power needs.

  • Installed with a rugged diesel engine, an automatic alternator, control module, automatic startup module, and a reliable fuel tank enables sustained operation and maximized efficiency.
  • Offers a rated power of 30kVA, 24kW, a power factor of Cos. phi = 0.8, 400/230V; 3-phase, 50 Hz under normal atmospheric conditions, delivering an even and stable power supply.
  • Features a sturdy, water-cooled diesel engine equipped with a freshwater loop, tropical radiator, and mechanical speed governor ensuring precise control and long-lasting performance.
  • Includes a heavy-duty fuel tank to provide consistent energy for up to 8 hours at rated capacity, thereby reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Equipped with an air-cooled, brushless, and synchronous alternator with a fast-acting automatic voltage regulator, guaranteeing a steady power supply.
  • The construction boasts of a durable, anti-oxidant steel control panel for amplified durability and long-term performance.
  • Integrated with an automatic shutdown feature to protect the engine, it powers off the generator when alarming parameters such as low oil pressure, high engine temperature, or over-speed are detected.

Suitable to meet crucial power needs across various sectors such as hospitals, water pumping stations, treatment plants, our Diesel Generator Set epitomizes reliability and superior power supply.

Each of our Diesel Generator units weighs approximately 583kg and has an estimated volume of 2.4cbm. To secure absolute safety during transit, each unit is firmly packed in a rugged, sea-worthy wooden box.

Experience unmatched power management with our High-Performance Diesel Generator Set, your perfect companion for dependable industrial power solutions.

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