High-Performance Water-Cooled Diesel Generator Set - 25kVA Powerhouse

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High-Performance Water-Cooled Diesel Generator Set – 25kVA Power Solution

Introducing the High-Performance Water-Cooled Diesel Generator Set delivering 25kVA. Designed for diverse applications needing reliable power

  • Employs a diesel-driven, water-cooled engine for maximized output
  • Equipped with an automatic electric starter and 8-hour fuel tank for continuous operation
  • Offers steady power output with a synchronous, brushless alternator equipped with automatic voltage-regulation
  • Outfitted with automatic safety shutdown systems including a main circuit breaker, changeover switch, and alarms
  • Performs efficiently at a maximum temperature of 55°C

Suitable for infrastructure development and varying high-demand power supply needs.

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Exceptional Power Solution - the Water-Cooled Diesel Generator Set with 25kVA Output

The highly advanced Water-Cooled Diesel Generator Set presents an efficient and reliable power source, expertly crafted to meet all your energy requirements. Engineered with precision, this diesel generator set offers an impressive 25kVA power supply at a maximum speed of 1500rpm, guaranteeing an uninterrupted flow of energy for your everyday needs.

Key Product Details

  • Unparalleled Power Output: With a formidable 25kVA power supply at 1500rpm, this generator effortlessly powers up your operations without any fluctuations.
  • Premium Performance: The potent diesel machine, managed by a mechanical speed governor, promises a consistently high performance safeguarding your energy needs for the long term.
  • Continuous Power Supply: Armed with a generously-sized fuel tank, this water-cooled diesel generator ensures a constant eight-hour power supply without any hiccups.
  • Alert Systems: This advanced generator is equipped with acoustic and visual warning systems, providing preemptive alerts that help curb potential hazard situations.
  • Durability: This resilient machine confidently operates in differing environmental conditions, even at a maximum temperature of 55°C, underlining its robust construct.

Package Includes

  • Easy-to-understand operation and maintenance guides for user convenience.
  • Engine coolant for immediate set-up.
  • An essential toolkit with ample spare parts to ensure smooth operation for up to 2000 hours within two years.

The Water-Cooled Diesel Generator Set serves as the go-to power solution for a multitude of civil infrastructures like hospitals and water treatment plants, reinforcing its essential role in our daily lives.

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