15kVA Diesel Generator Set: Unmatched Performance & Reliable Energy Solution

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15kVA Diesel Generator Set: High Performance and Durable Water-Cooled Generator

Experience reliable power supply with the 15kVA Water-Cooled Diesel Generator Set. This product encapsulates durability and premium performance for extensive utility demands.

  • Long-Lasting: Its robust water-cooled diesel engine partnered with tropical radiator promises enhanced lifespan.
  • Consistent Power: Assured continuous supply through synchronous and brushless alternator.
  • Safety Measures: Equipped with safeguards against oil pressure drops, extreme temperatures, and over-speed incidents.
  • User-Friendly Design: Comprehensive control panel highlighted by a change-over switch, breaker, key start-stop, and an emergency stop.
  • Environmental Consciousness: Efficient functionality within a broad temperature spectrum (-10°C to 55°C).

Each generator set comes with operation manuals, spare tools and parts for additional convenience.

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Unleash Unwavering Power with the 15kVA Diesel Generator Set

Empower your mission-critical applications with our advanced 15kVA Diesel Generator Set. Boasting a skillful engineering design, this generator set transforms raw potency into controllable energy, ensuring dependable performance and longevity.

Unmatched Performance Features

  • Reliable Diesel Engine: Supported by enhanced air, oil, and fuel filter systems coupled with a tropical radiator and mechanical speed governor, the generator provides optimum, sustainable power under any circumstances.
  • Prolonged Operational Capability: An integrated fuel tank allows continuous operation at full-rated capacity for up to eight hours, solidifying your operations without interruptions.
  • Efficient Alternator: The brushless, synchronously operating alternator equipped with an automatic voltage regulator ensures a consistent power supply, seamlessly supporting your operations.
  • Advanced Control Panel: Incorporating features like automatic main circuit breaker, changeover switch, and key start-stop functionality, the control panel proves to be the brain of the generator and adds safety with an emergency stop button. Clear meters provide visibility into voltage, amperage, frequency, and running hours.
  • Protective System: The integrated shutdown mechanisms protect against potential risks from low oil pressure, high engine temperature, and over-speed, significantly enhancing the generator's durability.
  • Eco-friendly Design: Efficient performance across a wide environmental range from -10°C to 55°C makes this generator a suitable choice for ecologically conscious businesses.

Inclusive of operation and maintenance guides, coolant, tool kit, and spare parts, the 15kVA Diesel Generator Set ensures up to 2000 hours of seamless operations. Its wide applicability extends to hospitals, pumping stations, and treatment facilities. Despite being compact in design, it is robust and portable, making transportation and installation a breeze. Orders are delivered securely packed in sea-worthy wooden crates.

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