10kVA Diesel Generator Set: High-Performance Power Supply Solution

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10kVA Diesel Generator Set: Unrivaled Power & Reliability

Experience sustained power with our durable 10kVA Diesel Generator Set, tailored for all infrastructure needs. It assures a constant supply of 10kVA power at 1500rpm, all thanks to its high-end, water-cooled diesel engine.

  • Design: Skid-mounted setup with auto-start for easy operation.
  • Advanced Features: Incorporates a tropical radiator and a sturdy fuel tank for prolonged functioning up to 8 hours.
  • Supportive Add-ons: Automatic main failure identification, noise reduction, trailer mounting, multilingual manual.
  • Customer Assistance: Includes operation manuals, maintenance guide, toolkit, spare parts for 2000 operational hours.

Securely packaged for safe shipping and optimal functionality across variable environments.

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10kVA Diesel Generator Set: Unrivaled Power & Reliability for All Infrastructure Needs

Presenting the outstanding 10kVA Diesel Generator Set, a perfect blend of power, durability, and efficiency. Designed to cater all infrastructural needs, this top-of-the-line product offers uninterrupted power supply, unparalleled reliability, and impressive performance, even under extreme conditions. Explore more about its unmatched capabilities:

  • High Output: This generator set boasts an impressive output of 10kVA at 1500rpm. With an 8-hour continuous run at full capacity, it ensures your work never faces any disruption due to power shortage.
  • Superior Performance: Equipped with a water-cooled diesel engine and a tropical radiator, this generator set delivers top-tier performance in varied environmental conditions.
  • Efficient Control: It houses a mechanical speed governor to maintain optimal control and efficiency, ensuring smooth and steady performance.
  • Compact Design: It sports a compact, skid-mounted design that saves space, coupled with autonomous operation and ease of transportation, it becomes a game-changer in the industry.
  • Safety Features: All built-in alarms keep a check on crucial parameters to provide a safe operating environment.
  • Durable Panel Board: The on-board steel panel board, treated with anti-oxidizing elements, is designed to work efficiently at high temperatures and altitudes.
  • Additional Accessories: The set includes operation manuals, maintenance guides, a toolkit, and spare parts to cater to 2000 hours of operation. Also included are optional automatic mains failure, sound-attenuated canopy, and trailer mounting.

Every set is securely packed in a sea-worthy wooden box to ensure safe and undamaged delivery. Embrace the future of powerful and reliable electric supply solution with the 10kVA Diesel Generator Set.

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